Tenor 75 w/ Sonus Faber Amati Homage?

I'm curious if anyone has mated these two components? If not has anyone had experience driving the Amatis with lower power OTLs?

I know the Tenors prefer a stable, 8 ohm load. The Amatis, while fairly efficient at 92db sensitivity, are rated at 4 ohms.

Any insight, or experiences? Thanks in advance.
Franco has used one of our amps, a Berning ZH-270 for years, as a design reference, so no problem with 70 watts at all!
A lot of people have success with regular OTL's and 4 ohms speakers, so that should not be a problem either, however this is never a problem with the ZH-270 as it has a unique way of matching speaker impedances.
Good luck.
While the Amatis are rated at 4 ohms, the impedance dips down to something like 2.5 at certain frequencies.
I run my Amati with BAT VK-75SE, but my room is not that big (14x18) and I don't crave for absolute lowest octave. I know at least one guy who has success running Amati with Tenor OTL, he had his Amati in a huge studio and Tenor had no problem filling the space. I didn't get to hear his setup before he sold his entire system.

However, I do think Amati can benefit from more power. I recently picked up a Sonic Frontiers Power 2 with KT-88, I like the sound as much once I have some NOS 6922 in it and bass weight is significantly better than BAT. Sonic Frontiers Power 2/3 are the biggest bargain of this century, they sound head and shoulder better than ARC VT series of any version. I had VT-100 Mk 1 & 3 and friend let me borrowed his Mk 2 in the past, they all sound "broken" when compared to Sonic Frontiers Power series.

If you don't mind solid state, I recommend you look into Pass X.5 series and Edge gears.
This wont work.
The OTL needs at least 8 Ohm and 92dB. At 4 Ohm this is too heavy load for Tenor.
I had the Tenor with the Verity Parsifal and it drove it, but
not to the effect that higher powered tube amps did for me.
It did have a very nice midrange though. I would say a sufficient pairing for acoustic music, but left me wanting
with harder hitting stuff. I think the advice of 8ohm and
92 db is not far off the mark.
I run my Stradivari with Tenor 75.