Tenor 300- How reliable???

Have heard of these amps failing- Should I be concerned buying a pair of these amps-With tenor belly up at the moment and the future unclear how bullet proof are these amps- I have also heard of updates by tenor- Anyone know what they are and how they affect the amp- thanks-K
Tenor is not belly up. They are up and running and are fully ready to continue offering sales and service of both the OTL and Hybrid amplifiers.

The Hybrid amplifiers are reliable. There have been very few occurances of problems and werer generally easily remedied.
I do not have a pair of 300s. I have a 150 and so far it has been reliable. If you're buying new, I wouldn't be worried about it at all, if buying used, that'll depend on whether the owner has had any problems with it like any other gear. Anyhow, tenor's service department is up and running. Check the website for details.
Rumor has it that Tenor will not honor the warranty any of their original existing products. Is there any truth to this rumor? I sure hope not.
I own a pair of Tenor 75wi (OTL model, not the hybrid) and they have been working perfectly for 2 years and offering an absolutely amazing sound.
i have heard that they had thir problems