Tempted to buy a Macintosh

I am quite tempted to buy a Macintosh amp, and would like to learn more about it.

I have a Almarro 318B (18W) integrated and a Triode Lab 2A3 integrated.  For speakers, I have a set of Zu Omen Def I and Spatial Audio X5.  I haven’t heard a Masintosh in person.  I mainly like its retro look.  From reviews, I heard it has a very smooth sound, which may match with my listening preference.  I only listen to Jazz and Bossa Nova with low-medium volume.  And my questions are:

1) My speakers are efficient speakers and I listen in low volume.  So, I don’t need and want big power.  Is Macintosh a good match to my speakers?  I have no interest to change my speakers for now.

2) my budget is around $3000 for used equipment.  That is not a lot for a Mac.  So, it seems I would go for an integrated.  

3) I like tubes, but it seems Macintosh is more a SS brand.  And it seems there is no tube integrated.  The entry level MA252 is a hybrid with a tube preamp and SS amp.  I listen to some your tube video and it sounds great.  But of course, can’t draw any conclusion base on YouTube videos.  Is that a good choice to step into Macintosh world?  Or people would suggest to go different routes to get the full potential of Macintosh?  That is all SS, or separate tube pre amp (e.g. Coincident or Supratek) and power amp (MC275)?
I'm thinking of a McIntosh c53 or c2700 preamp to pair with my Firstwatt. I like the idea of tone controls since I listen to 78's and many vintage recordings. Plus, I like to bump the low end up a notch on RVG mastered albums.
The McIntosh 3 year warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and cannot be transferred. If you’re buying used then not much of an issue as most second hand gear would be in excess of 3 years old I guess. Mac will repair and service gear if not original owner no problem.
I have an MA8000 solid state 300w integrated and love it. (Has a really good quality headphone amp built in as well). Can be bought for around $5,000 or £5,000 in UK on the used market. Bought mine 18 months ago on Ebay when it was just over 2 years old and been 100% reliable so far. Sounds silky smooth and doesn’t take up much room either compared to separates.

Gte357s. I have a similar situation as you.  May I interrupt this thread. Any Mac owners have an opinion on the McIntosh C2700 tube preamp? I am
new to Audiogon and recently started building a 2 channel/home theater system. I am demoing the C2700 in my home sound system now, I like it so far. My Budget will not exceed the price of a McIntosh price range. I’m looking for a better tube preamp with all the bells and whistles. I know there’s more expensive audio gear such as luxman, pass labs, audio research etc. which is out of my price range.
I never thought about McIntosh until last week when the dealer recommended I try it at home. I’m still looking at other preamp’s as well. In the future I would like a better amp as well.
Thank you in advance for any comments.

Jamitloud, you're likely to find  c2700 owners and opinions on the audioaficionado forums.

I've not heard the 2700 but own the c2300. The 2700 looks like a great solution if your long term plan is an all in one solution, meaning, pre amp, DAC, and phono stage all being housed in one package. Add in tone controls and tubed circuit and your options begin to narrow down to Luxman, Accuphase and Mcintosh (in your price range). The LUXMAN - CL-38u may be a sonic competitor, but lacks some of the Mc features. Might be worth a listen if you plan to go with a separate DAC.

I can tell you the Mcintosh tube preamps do benefit from NOS tube upgrades and worthy of consideration if you decide to purchase.

I don't know anything about the Macs, just wanted to give you another option to look at in the same vein. 

The Vincent K35 doesn't have the meters but is still reminiscent to me. The reviews were good until they tried to reproduce bass for loud rock music. Which doesn't apply to you. 

The other is the even nicer Rita 880s that maybe ticks all of your boxes. 
I actually did buy this one a couple months ago, but it is a heavy sucker (over 100 pounds) and got damaged in shipping so I never got to hear it.