Tempted to buy a Macintosh

I am quite tempted to buy a Macintosh amp, and would like to learn more about it.

I have a Almarro 318B (18W) integrated and a Triode Lab 2A3 integrated.  For speakers, I have a set of Zu Omen Def I and Spatial Audio X5.  I haven’t heard a Masintosh in person.  I mainly like its retro look.  From reviews, I heard it has a very smooth sound, which may match with my listening preference.  I only listen to Jazz and Bossa Nova with low-medium volume.  And my questions are:

1) My speakers are efficient speakers and I listen in low volume.  So, I don’t need and want big power.  Is Macintosh a good match to my speakers?  I have no interest to change my speakers for now.

2) my budget is around $3000 for used equipment.  That is not a lot for a Mac.  So, it seems I would go for an integrated.  

3) I like tubes, but it seems Macintosh is more a SS brand.  And it seems there is no tube integrated.  The entry level MA252 is a hybrid with a tube preamp and SS amp.  I listen to some your tube video and it sounds great.  But of course, can’t draw any conclusion base on YouTube videos.  Is that a good choice to step into Macintosh world?  Or people would suggest to go different routes to get the full potential of Macintosh?  That is all SS, or separate tube pre amp (e.g. Coincident or Supratek) and power amp (MC275)?
I've got 95db Omega alnico monitors powered by a MHA100 (non autoformer for speaker taps) fed by a MB50 streamer/dac. At spirited volume the meters aren't even hitting 2 watts. I've had class A and tube amps, all separates, some pretty high end stuff in the past and I'm not wanting for anything with this setup. It sounds great, draws very little power, runs cool to the touch and it's nice to know you can leave the house for a while with everything still running. 

Sound wise it's probably not SOTA but what I'm learning is that Mac gear hits that nice balance of performance and enjoyment factor. Think of it in car terms. A Lotus or similar style car will perform better, but will be an uncomfortable ride even in the short term. A nice Benz or BMW will give the average driver all the performance they need, and still be a very comfortable ride in the long term. Think listener fatigue, Mac stuff is often described as smooth. 

I'd imagine your Zu's would sound great with Mac gear. Good luck!
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@dill ,

I checked out your system. Congratulations on the Pathos Integrated.  I heard it in upstate New York and it is quite special. Very nice system, enjoy.