Tempted to buy a Macintosh

I am quite tempted to buy a Macintosh amp, and would like to learn more about it.

I have a Almarro 318B (18W) integrated and a Triode Lab 2A3 integrated.  For speakers, I have a set of Zu Omen Def I and Spatial Audio X5.  I haven’t heard a Masintosh in person.  I mainly like its retro look.  From reviews, I heard it has a very smooth sound, which may match with my listening preference.  I only listen to Jazz and Bossa Nova with low-medium volume.  And my questions are:

1) My speakers are efficient speakers and I listen in low volume.  So, I don’t need and want big power.  Is Macintosh a good match to my speakers?  I have no interest to change my speakers for now.

2) my budget is around $3000 for used equipment.  That is not a lot for a Mac.  So, it seems I would go for an integrated.  

3) I like tubes, but it seems Macintosh is more a SS brand.  And it seems there is no tube integrated.  The entry level MA252 is a hybrid with a tube preamp and SS amp.  I listen to some your tube video and it sounds great.  But of course, can’t draw any conclusion base on YouTube videos.  Is that a good choice to step into Macintosh world?  Or people would suggest to go different routes to get the full potential of Macintosh?  That is all SS, or separate tube pre amp (e.g. Coincident or Supratek) and power amp (MC275)?
I recently purchased a McIntosh MA252 off if this site to replace my older Marantz that tended to overheat pushing my B&W 683s. Tried it out at a local dealer and immediately fell in love they also had it paired with B&W 702s, so I also upgraded to a used set of those. Truly a refined sound. I do not regret either purchase.
I have the MA252 running Maggie 1.7s; I also have a Sony HAP Z1ES digital player (and vinyl too).  The MA252's sound is slightly warm and creamy smooth. A decent amount of detail too.  Since I'm running Maggies, I have to turn the volume up to 60+ to "rock out".   I listen to a lot of jazz and alternative rock.  This integrated is the real deal, but it might not be the best fit for my power-hungry 1.7s.  I'm considering an upgrade the the MA352.  With efficient speakers, the MA252 could be a really nice option.  As has been mentioned above, the look of McIntosh equipment is part of its appeal,  but sound-wise, the equipment that I've heard delivers the goods. By the way, I have a Best Buy Magnolia near me, so I've had the opportunity to listen to some of their BIG solid state & tube amps.  The blue meters are something to behold. 
@dill, there you go again! there's no need to critisize a person because he can't spell! all people wan't is advice and recommendations on this forum! peace to you!!

Thank you for bringing civility back to this thread.

For the OP, demo if you can. McIntosh and every other manufacturer makes great gear. Some pieces are loved more than others as each has its own sound. In the right system, McIntosh is awesome.

Enjoy the journey. 
To the OP,
The reason the MA252 ‘sounds good with CDs’ and is on the affordable side is because it doesn’t have output transformers.

If you want a classic Mac and classic Mac sound, I suggest getting
a Mac integrated that has output transformers (aka Autoformers).
This may mean buying used but Macs hold their value.