Temporary Down Sizing - Integrated Amp Recommendations

Moving into a small condo, as I need to take care of my parents for a few years, so my reference system is being put in storage.

My current reference system is:

  • T+A PA3100HV integrated Amp
  • T+A CRITERION TCD 110 S Floor-standing speakers
  • Cary Audio DMS 700 Digital Source & DAC
  • Clear Audio Ovation Turntable

The new system will perform double duty for both music and two channel cinema - (no more surround sound equipment either - ugh).

Because of the limited space open floor plan of the condo (having to keep the speakers close to the front wall) and needing to create a omni-directional sound stage - appealing to a wider listening group, I have decided to go with Ohm Tall 1000 speakers. I will also keep my Cary Audio DMS 700 as my digital music/NAS/ Streaming source & and use it’s DAC for ingesting the digital audio from the video feeds into the system.

For the amp - based on the decor (read wife) I’ve decided to go with a bit of vintage look, UV meters, on the integrated amp - which will be displayed as a center piece on the entertain console under the TV.

With a budget up to ~$3k I have been thinking about:

  • Yamaha A-S2200
  • Luxman L-505uXII
  • Vincent Audio SV-228 hybrid

Since I don’t need any digital capability the Yamaha and Luxman are very appealing, but I am a bit concerned with the reviews of those units and the references to those companies house sound signatures, as my T+A leans on the warm, analog side of neutral - not typically the way the Japanese brands are described as. The Vincent with a tube front end might be closer to what I am use to, but it doesn’t have balanced inputs and has a built-in DAC which I don’t need.

Long story short I would appreciate any constructive input, advise, recommendations.












The Lux will do very nicely to fulfill the priorities you set out.  With it, you are not buying redundancies, and it has a classic design.  If you can find one for your stated budget you will not be disappointed with its performance.  The Ohm Walsh 1000s are a nice choice for your speakers.  Enjoy...and it's good of you to care for your elders, who evidently raised you right.

I have no experience with Luxman or Yamaha, but previously had a Vincent SV-237 integrated.  Not the same model you're looking at, but it had a pretty neutral sound signature.  If it leaned in any direction, it would be towards warmth.  I replaced it with a Simaudio 600i. 

The Simaudio does not have meters, and a pre-owned one would probably be a little over your budget, but it's an excellent piece and looks great.  It is very neutral and just a little cleaner, more detailed, and dynamic than the Vincent.  I believe both are Class A for the first 10 watts.  I'm using the 600i with Harbeth P3ESR speakers which are less sensitive than the ones you're planning to purchase. 

I have 4 systems.  The 600i is in a secondary system, but If I had to downsize, that would be the keeper.

Of the 3 listed, I'd look into the Luxman.  

There sure are a lot of suggestions not fitting what the OP wanted, though!

I have a very nice sounding black SimAudio Moon I-3 integrated in excellent cosmetic condition with factory remote that I am not using.  Great warm yet detailed sounding class A/AB amp.  It has a classic retro look but no UV meters.  PM me if you are interested.

Great current solid-state system. If I were you, I'd look into tubes - a nice SET amp and delve into the world of tubes - find out what all the hoopla is about. At some point in this journey, I'll be doing just that.