Tempo Electric Silver Cables

I trust all are enjoying the holidays in some manner, in your own ways, and won't begrudge me asking about another cable that to me, seems to have flown under the radar (kinda like how Santa does).

The company is Tempo Electric http://tempoelectric.com/ and they seem to have a rather reasoned approach to cable design and their prices are well within my, if not any audiophile's needs.

They prefer not to use connectors on their SCs but will add them if you insist. They use soft, annealed silver in a larger diameter teflon tube so the resulting dielectric is mostly air except when in contact with the tube.

They have what seems a valid argument against spades and bananas
http://tempoelectric.com/Wire_and_Cable_Facts.pdf so their preference for bare wire. If anyone can provide some feedback from 'actual' use I'd love to hear it.

Now, back to your shopping, wrapping and imbibing. :-)

All the best,
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Hi Nonoise, I have also been surprised that Tempo is not more well known.
I am not afraid of silver and Joe Levy is a total pleasure to deal with!!
I had decided on Tempo by research alone. My SET system was put together cold as everything was un-auditioned, un-heard, but again well researched. (very well received components and my ears agree :) My choice was to have unterminated SC's anyway. Joseph also made me a pair of IC's, XLR to RCA to go from Pre to Amps.
I have not conducted any comparisons on either so my findings may not carry much weight, but I am very happy with these.
I recently purchased a pair of used Tempo IC's RCA-RCA, here, at such a bargain that I could not resist. I did try them between the CDP to PRE for a few days, in substitution of an Audio Magic Clairvoyant Liquid Air. I did prefer the AM's on first switch-out, and they are about four times the cost and a totally different cable.
The Tempo IC's are open for audition if interested, (not for sale:)
Yes, I can provide an actual use overview. It was that paper and the philosophy of Dr. Loesche I learned from his obituary: http://www.newcomeralbany.com/obituary.aspx?obitid=56583 and other things I learned about him and his engineering feats.

From a technical perspective, I thought the Tempo Electric philosophy is sound. Also, if you opt for the Big Twist Silver Interconnects, you also get silver WBts from Germany.

In my new room and new amp configuration, I needed a 15 foot pair and Joe helped me out. I am still breaking them in, but I am loving what I am hearing. The sound of the silver cables with the WBT's, or lack thereof, has allowed for a very balanced sounding system, slightly comparable to my reference Neotech cables with copper WBT's, however, with a bit more top end detail, not detailed as in high pitched or etched, but more top end power, allowing for the cymbals to sound more dynamic and lifelike, whereas, the Neotech's sound real and lifelike as well, they do not exude the effortless power that the Tempo Electric allows.

Overall, based on my experience, I believe that the Tempo Electric cables are a great buy and sound excellent for a silver cable.

Yes, they are a underground secret. Joe is a great guy to work with, he helped me to achieve the sound I was looking for, at a reasonable price compared to others.

Highly recommended.

Isochronism and Audioquest4life,

Thank you both for the positive feedback: that's all I really needed to hear. I trust both of your perceptions a priori.

The silver lining in all of this is the price. I almost went out and bought a wine cellar that in all probablity would have died within a year (most reviews bear this out) and the cost of the SC is in the same ballpark. Looks like Christmas is going to be good after all. :-)

Thanks again and all the best,