Tellurium Q Black Diamond cables

I'm getting the upgrade bug again. Would appreciate any impressions you have regarding these cables. I'm currently using Nordost Frey 2 and looking for a bit more warmth.  

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2nd note:
anyone auditioning or enjoying the Statement cables/cords in their system?

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Jafant Iam using all Tellurium Cables except power cords.
Yeah I am staying with the TQ BD for the Heritage. Considering the SD quite honestly but I'd have to try them first. 

are you still enjoying Tell-Q cabling?  Which Power Cords (PC) are you using now?

Happy Listening!
Jafant yes I love this Cables,tellurium Cables they are in between siltech and Nordost, you get the best of both siltech and Nordost, I just bought a super scout vpi tt from upscale with Hana SL cart very  happy with Audio Envy phono Cables, until I put a new black Tellurium phono cables then I realized how much more music Iam not getting from AE, the AE are superb the tellurium made them sound lifeless and dry.Their Black series are reasonably price but they are amazing, with your speakers they will shine.