Tellurium Q Black Diamond cables

I'm getting the upgrade bug again. Would appreciate any impressions you have regarding these cables. I'm currently using Nordost Frey 2 and looking for a bit more warmth.  

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Thank You for spotting a Troll.

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@jafant I still use TQ for my balanced interconnects and some of my power cords.   Hope you are doing well!

Thank You for the update. Any reason for not using a full loom of TQ in your system?

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Im listening to alot of TQ now, just a straight up audition. System details below. I had mentally convinced myself the black series of cables were what I would prefer and they were horrifying bad in my system. I listened to Black Diamond ICs and Black II speaker. I really hated it to be honest...Then I listened to Ultra Silver ICs with Silver II speaker, it was alot smoother more musical, but the bass was constrained and mids didn't sound open. In all fairness these cables are new and need some more run in time. 

Overall though I can get a pretty good flavor these cables, broken in or not and they are proving not to be a cable I'd want to buy. Time will tell with the Silver series, they are vastly smoother than the Black in my system. Maybe they will magically open up, however alot of folks have reported they never break in, and I know TQ emphasizes their break in CD hardcore. Shouldn't be that complicated IMO. 

Speakers= Dynaudio Special 40
Amp= Sugden A21SE
Source- MSB Discrete DAC
Sub= Rel T5i
If tellurium are new they need to settle down , they are good Cables, but matching is important, dynaudio are excellent speakers but not cables friendly.