Tellurium Q Black Diamond cables

I'm getting the upgrade bug again. Would appreciate any impressions you have regarding these cables. I'm currently using Nordost Frey 2 and looking for a bit more warmth.  

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I kept the Tellurium Q interconnects and the power cords.  I was not enamored with the speaker cables.  I am auditioning Transparent Reference speaker cables right now and next week, the new top of the line Audience cables. 
I have been using Black Diamond for about a year and have not had the urge to change. Prior to using them I was going through 2-3 different cables annually. They are detailed, neutral, musical.  Could they be better? Maybe. But with all my equipment (tube and ss) I keep going back to them. I find them hard to beat for the price. They are especially good with tubes.  Silver and tube my be the only better combination. I will keep them in my system. Listen to music. And, keep my money in my pocket. They may not have the most reviews in the US, but they are a really good wire and do nothing wrong. But let's be realistic.  Review are a good start to something but not something to bet your purchase upon. BTW, I also play several instruments and know what music sounds like.  Give them an honest chance. If you do not like them, I would look elsewhere in your system.
Greginnh, if the cables you borrowed are new, they need 3-400 hours to fully burn in. Power cords work well with as little as 20 hours. Good luck and keep

Cellorover - thanks for the input. All demo cables and power cords had well in excess of 500 hours each.  As mentioned in my post, I was expecting the speaker cables to be the most dramatic by way of improvement.  Unfortunately, they were not.  I have been auditioning a new pair of Transparent Reference speaker cables and even with only 20 hours on them, I prefer them to the TQ Black Diamond cables.

I am also getting a set of the new Audience speaker cables next week to try for 30 days. 

I may circle back and try the TQ speaker cables again.  I am totally sold on the interconnects and power cords though!