Tell Them What You Think

There have been a number of recent posts regarding the sound quality of modern recordings. Whether you think a recording is very good or very poor, my suggestion is to contact the artist, the recording engineer and the mastering engineer with your comments. Most of the big-timers have their own websites. The average pro audio person would be flattered to hear informed comments. They have egos and would be surprised that anyone "out there" even notices what they do. The artist and the engineer also might shed some light on why they record music the way they do. We might be able to educate each other. Give it a try and tell us your experiences.
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HWY: Good idea. I had once thought of trying to contact Elton John to see if he would consider having some of his CD work re-mastered. I have heard that he is a perfectionist, but suspect that he lost control of many of the CD issues at the same time that he lost control of other areas of his life. The CD's make me want to get another turntable and phono preamp as I do not enjoy them nearly as much as the vinyl versions. The same goes with a lot of music that I have purchased on CD that I compare to the vinyl version in my mind. Some of the conversions though do sound good to me, so I know that it is possible if the master tapes still exist. Re-masters would also be a good way of the artist to cash in on old work, that is if the market for these is large enough. I for one am looking forward to the new release of "All Things Must Past" and I have never listened to the other CD version, I just assume that it will be good. To advertise new releases as being "true hi-fidelity" if they are in fact, might also be a good selling point for the artist, plus it may breed new life into the recording process as well as the artist's performance in the studio. I am new to CD's and have thought a lot about this for the past year and have wondered if the consumer/audience can make a difference. I guess that I will never know unless I express my thoughts and feeling to the people that perform and engineer the music itself.