Tell the truth How often do you clean your gear?

C'mon, fess up! Is the last time you cleaned your gear the time you took a picture of it to post on Audiogon!? I'm single and live alone these days. My son tells me I'm OCD as far as cleanliness is concerned. I disagree, I just like living in a clean environment and he's just a slob!;) I like everything clean and my gear to be especially clean, seeing how much time I've spent/spend looking at it. Looking at the photos of various systems here I'd say the majority look very sharp (sorry to say some of them look nasty!!). SO, what is it, how often do you dust off your system? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?? Or worse? I believe, as far as tweeks go, yr system SOUNDS better when it's clean!!;) Maybe I AM OCD!!??
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Once a couple of weeks.
As long as no one disturbs the dust I can maintain the illusion of clean.
I dust the amps and the electronics every month or two. I dust the speakers every couple of weeks, and I clean them every month or so. (The speakers have a piano black finish, so they look worse when dusty than the rest of the system.)

However, as far as your system sounding better when clean versus moderately dusty, well, I gotta side with your son on this one!
Once a week ! Religiously....I do it on Sunday.
Speakers get dusted once a week. Equipment about once a month.

As far as clean equipment sounding better, and clean cars driving better, that seems to me to be beyond dispute. Of course, those are nothing more than halo effects, but so is a lot of high end audio. :-)
My maid comes in once a week and dusts everything. Tosses out empty beer cans cleans the ash trays and dumps the old issues of playbbbb or rather the absolute sound etc. Good point though I should have her in more often. :-)
Vote me a slob. I have a pet Cockatiel, which type of bird sheds a 'dust' (which lubricates it's feathers) and I do let him fly around all the time. So my stuff, within a few days begins to get a coating of what is just like 'dusting powder' everwhere. It is so fine and light it penetrates all the little nooks and crannies. He has been 'dusting' my stuff for about 14 years now.. (His name is Mozart, and he loves Maria Callas above all other music)
So, over the years I have pretty much given up on 'dusting' equipment as a matter of habit.
The stereo equipment only gets dusted if I move it around!!! Once every year or two.
Sorry. But lucky for you I am NOT your spouse.
Also, be aware a good quality HEPA type air cleaner will significantly reduce the dust in the air, on your stuff, and in your lungs. Most dust in a home is shed human skin, and fabric along with gazillions of dust mites... and thier fecal matter. (yummy, inhailing that hey?)
Elizabeth,remind me not to buy any equipment from you!!! :)
Whenever I see that it is dusty. It's dark in my room.
I clean every couple of weeks I use the new Micro fiber clothes and anti static cleaner for electronics. I clean all the connections once a month.
Every time I have a shower - which is pretty much every day.
Typically once per week. And typically on Sundays.


For Tpreaves: I always clean the stuff i sell, inside and out pretty carefully.. same with the stuff I buy.
As needed.
I clean my gear about every couple of weeks or when needed, but since I have dedicated listening rooms I cover everything possible when not in use. This really keeps down on the dust and the frequency the gear needs to be cleaned. I have a dust cover on one turntable, and amp covers for the MBL amps and for all the other gear I went to a fabric store and bought a synthetic silk like materal and made covers for all the rest of my gear, its cheap and effective.
Dust everything (incl. spkrs) twice a week with a lambswool duster, compressed air and spray the gear furniture once a month with Pledge Multi Surface (anti-static) spray. Run a dehumidifier nights and weekends year 'round (my setup is in a basement)...
Usually about once every 6 weeks I dust.
Every couple of weeks when I see smudges on dust cover or evidence of dust when i run a finger thru. Every one, including cleaning ladies that comes biweekly, have strict instructions to be hands off my audio gear no matter how much they are enticed to clean it! I am trusting no one touching it.
I'm no obsessive-compulsive when it come to dust but don't like to see it,so I go over the system with a Swiffer 360 duster about once a week. Smudges,etc..get wiped off with a micro-fiber cloth immediately,if i see them.
Well due to this post, I just dusted my speakers the natural way.

I used a long time proven dust eliminator.

A little Led Zep, some AC/DC and Humble Pie at very high sound levels.
All dust is gone!
Every Tuesday I dust off my gear by having my gardener take his leaf blower to it.

So, I guess the answer is weekly.
Good One Oz! Made me actually LOL!!!;)
Twice a year.
Oh i meant the contacts cables Pc etc. Dust once a week!!