Tell the Truth

Fellow Audiogon Members,
I would like to consider this site a prestigious forum that enables each and every member to trust the content of information that one displays when posting an item for sale. Some members spend hard earned money to fulfill their dream of owning a piece of the audiophile pie. As we log on daily to find units that will enhance our quest to seek that "perfect sound" we come across individuals that state the item posted is "MINT" or "FLAWLESS or "NIB". Some of us however, have been ensnared by the misinterpretation of the words mentioned above hence, trapped with a item and a non responsive member once received and not in the condition originally described. It is sad that we cannot transact without doubt. I EMPLORE EVERY MEMBER new and old, to be honest when selling an item. Let AUDIOGON be the only place you can buy audio without reservation. THANK YOU!

You've got my vote
I wish it was a perfect world Bob, cause your philosophy would be applied to life not just
Bob - It is too bad that this problem cannot be solved by your eloquent proclamation. While I have not been 'taken' (yet) by an unscrupulous seller on Audiogon, I have spent valuable time traveling to inspect equipment for sale that did not turn out to be quite as nice as advertised.

In another thread, Zaikesman described his 'grade-creep' theory, which I happen to agree with. It seems that very few people are willing to list equipment at 7/10 (or lower) even though that is probably the rating that a lot of used equipment should receive.

Of course, some individuals intentionally misrepresent their equipment. When caught, I think that they should be tarred and feathered - preferably in public.
I suggest we start with making Audiogon perfect then turn our attention to the real world!
Agree with Rjcaero1 100%. Unfortunatly we live not in a perfect world.And when I read "Disputes" I get second thoughts about buying stuff from some members. So I guess reading "Disputes" helps us to reveal those who misrepresent their equipment. What I`m going to suggest is let`s share our positive experiences and name honest sellers, so everyone would know, I think they deserve it.Or maybe audiogon should start a rating system, like other websites do(like e bay and amazon for example).Just my opinion.
OOps, that rating system already exists. Sorry.