Tell me about the Stibbert MK2 Tube CD

Those of you who have heard or own the Bluenote Stibbert MK2 tube CD player please give me your thoughts.
I have a Stibbert MK2. I initially had some problems with the transport. It made an awfull ticking sound when you played it. Once I opened up the case I saw that the transport supports had loosend up in shipping and made the transport way out of level. So I got the case level, then leveled the transport by adjusting the supports and volla! The player sounded wonderfull and didn't make this awful ticking noise while it was playing (the guy who had it before me was told it was normal by the dealer)! I further had a hunch the player would actually sound better not in the bulky plexiglass\case support system. I set it up on a wood platform and I was amazed how much more musical it sounded and how it was transformed into a wonderfully open sounding eligant Italian player. Finally I added some 1960's NOS Telefunken Cca's. All I can say is it is the best sounding strictly redbook player I have ever heard!!! I like to tube roll so this is the perfect player for that.
This player is a wonderfull sounding player.Open,3d,great soundstage and bass.It will give what is there on the recording due to its ability for detail.Tube rolling will give you nice options for your tastes.I had the CCA's in it but prefer the NOS Mullards and am actually now using Ediswans.This player is not at all digital sounding.
I have found that it was well worth buying the sound fusion isolation kit which brought it to another level.
I ended up buying the Stibbert MK2. It sounds wonderful. I'm using it as is, but I have the Sound Fusion suspension kit on order. I emailed the company about the estimated delivery time, but haven't heard from them. It's been about 2 weeks. I know they're a small company, but I thought they would've responded by now. The MK2 is extremely natural sounding. I can hardly tell I'm listening to a digital source. This thing has some kind of magic going on.
If you haven't heard by email I would call them.
I think you not hearing email is a red flag, at least for me. I have heard service and reponse is not a strong suit for Bluenote.
He is talking about the Sound Fusion.As far as Bluenote I have emailed Morizio the owner of Bluenote and he has answered right away.Bob
I called Sound Fusion today and no one was there. I left a message so we'll see if they call back. Bob, do you use the round Sound Fusion piece that sits on top of the CD player? I'm wondering if that makes any difference or not.
Hi Spenceroo,
Yes I do use it and it makes a difference,It's not a big difference like the kit, more like minor tweeking.