Tell me a better value DD decoder than Sony ep9es?

Hi all,
Any suggestions out there for a DD pre-amp that does as good a job as the ep9es does for the money? They go for $300-350 used. I'd like to hold the cost to $300-500.
Thanks and happy listening.
Since the EP9ES is dolby digital, NOT DTS, I would look for something that supports DTS is the same price range. I can think of a few choices offhand..

You should be able to find a used Marantz AV-560 in your price range that supports both DD and DTS, if you don't want DTS, a AV-550 or AV-600 should fit the bill as well.

You might also want to consider a Sherwood/Newcastle AVP-9080, I've seen them used for around $500.00.

The Harman Kardon Signature 2.0 can also be found for around $400-500 used.

You might also think about a Millinum DTS decoder ($200 used) paired with a Fosgate 3A, a Rotel RSP-960 or 970 or a similar preamp that can be had for around the $300.00 used mark.

Hope this helps..
I owned an ep9es. I bought it when the "format" wars were going on. I wanted them to settle down before I decided what I really needed for long term. The Sony was really remarkable I thought. It didn't do much--just DD. You can't even have analog inputs and use it as a pre-amp. Digital only. But at it's price point--it sounded really good. As to comments regarding DTS. This is one of the reasons I did finally sell the Sony. However, I bought a unit that is far more costly. DTS is terrific, but with limited DTS material out there and your budget I would want the best DD decoding possible. I think Sony has it at this price point. I do have to confess I have not heard the other units--so I could be wrong, but I can tell you I was very impressed and enjoyed my Sony for many years before I upgraded.
Better value? I haven't heard the Sony but the Technics SH-AC500 has DD and DTS and is usually available cheaper on the used market.
Check out the Onkyo ed-301...Stictly DD, no DTS; Coax & Optical Inputs, sounds good!