Television through tube preamp?

I'll be receiving a tube preamp in the next few days. Since my apartment only has one room (it's a studio), my TV is in the same room as my audio setup. I was wondering, is it okay to watch TV with the sound going through a stereo tube preamp (and SS amp)? I assume there is no problem with this, outside of the wear it puts on the tubes. If possible, I'd rather not have both a receiver and a stereo amp/preamp in my cabinet (due to space constraints), given that I don't care about HT.

Any thoughts?
I do this and have for years. If you have cable, you might get a hum via a ground loop. Radio shack has a isolation tranformer that goes in line on the coax to fix. Directv shouldn't havre this issue.

Good luck !
Sure. Why not? Jfrech offers good advice.
I have been doing it forever. Verizon FIOS (and Direct TV when I had it) also have music channels like Sirius XM which don't sound great but certainly are tolerable, lots better than Internet radio(ugh!).

I figured there's no reason not to do this, but I thought I'd ask since a Google search turns up very little on this.
I'd go one step further and try to plug the audio into a different circuit than the TV if possible.