Telefunken sound good???

Hello..I have a Audible Illusions pre-amp that uses Amperex D getter 6dj8 tubes.I love the sound but, i want to try Telefunken. Please tell me how Telefunken(pcc88???) sounds compare to Amperex.
You may find that NOS tubes will not last long in the AI pre.JFYI.
I had an L1 10 years ago. agree with Tpsonic. Spent a few hundred $ on NOS and none of them lasted more than 3 months.

If I've know better I'll stick with the Russian's and use the $ some where else.

(those NOS are now worth $1500 ... I have tears in my eyes when I'm writing this)

the AI is a great preamp with Amperex, Mullard,Telefunkin, etc. Not good at all with Russians in my opinion, but what is? I got many hours from my AI with 1960's Mullards
Here is a recommendation from Audible Illusions for a good replacement tube for their preamps:

Most are NOS currently imported from our sources in Europe. Similar to 6922 Sovtec "Grey Plate" tubes. Closely resemble tubes installed in Modulus, series 2 and 3 preamplifiers between 1988 & 1996. Excellent sonics and reliability."

I have read other threads where this tube is recommended for AI preamps because of its durability. Below is another excerpt from a post about tubes for the ARC SP10 preamp which is also very hard on tubes:

"With the ARC SP10, the first principle of retubing is unfortunately not the sonics, but the survivability of the tubes. Part of the decision -what won't work) on tubes can be determined by looking at the ratings for the various 6DJ8s:

ECC88 = 6DJ8 130V / 1,8W

E88CC= 6922 220V / 1,8W

E188CC= 7308 250V / 2W

6N23P/ Sovtek 6922 300V / 1,8W

6N23P-EV/ EH 6922 300V / 2W

In short, I have had or heard extensive evidence from others that the best sounding tubes for the SP10 are 6DJ8s, but the life of these can be measured in 10's of hours, the usual 6922s: Brimar, Tesla, modern Ei, even the very rugged NOS Siemens E88CC can last only in the 100's.

The only dependable long survivors will be the three at the bottom of the list- the 7308/E188CC and the Russian 6N23P and 6N23P-EB. The Russian 6N23P-EB is like an uprated E88CC/6922 and those and the new EH (haven't tried it) have current ratings above even the 7308."

Sorry, but I don't have the original posters name. 6H23P and 6N23P are Russian tube types and are interchangeable, I believe. Hope this helps.