Some list them as "Telefunken Black Diamond E88CC / 6922".

Anyone had used them before and would recommend them?

Any suggestion welcome. Budget: $350 to $400 for two sets of three (line stage of my CJ LP140 mono blocks)
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That was the subject of a new thread yesterday. Apparently no one had tried them yet.
Post is here:
Well I posted it, I could not find any thread about the reissued 6922 then. Will ask support to delete this thread.
I have used many different iterations of Telefunken 6DJ8 variants, and older is a lot better. In order:
1. 1961 Telefunken 6922 specially selected for HP
2. 1964 Telefunken 6DJ8 specially selected for HP
3. US Amperex wasp wasted 6922
4. Early Dutch Amperex 6922
5. 1962 garden variety Telefunken 6922

I was just entering university back in the day, and could never understand why HP tubes were SO SO SO expensive. Then I moved to California and heard the stories about HP taking over their own tube testing, and DUMPSTERING 95% of the premium 6922's they tested before certifying them for their test equipment. Well, they did instrument the moon shots, after all.

Then I found a few of the early Telefunken 6922's with Telefunken seals under HP seals. Nirvana. In my ARC SP-10, if these were a 10, the US Amperex waspwastes were a 7. Really. The early T/ HP were that good.

Thanks Terry for this tip and I will try to garner leads to authentic ones as Fleabay is, as expected, full of HP6922 fakes. In the mean while I bought matched new NOS Amperex 6DJ8 Large O Getter made in Holland as drivers for my CJ monoblocks which are not that more expensive.