Telefunken console stereo

My wife and I inherited a what appears to be an early 1960s console stero by Telefunken in cheery veneer. None of the components are functioning, but there is a TW 504 C turntable and a Concerto Hi-Fi stereo 5306 MX tube receiver, with AM, FM and 2 short wave bands, with the original parts in place from what we can tell. The Grundig TK 46 tape recorder was removed from the console before it came into our possession. The veneer is in fair shape, small scratches etc... with one larger gouge on the inside cover of the console lid. We'd rate it a 6-7/10 given it's age.

We have tried to look up the value of this sort of thing on the Audiogon bluebook, as well as through other sources, but we have been unable to find anything similar to this. We have the original manuals, which would make refurbishing this somewhat easier, assuming the parts were available, however we lack the time (and quite honestly the desire to take on yet another project -- we still haven't finished repainting the house). Anyone have any idea about the value of this thing? Since it really isn't "high end" audio, would we be better off selling this on ebay? Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

These are great radios. But while the table models have a strong following, the consoles due to the room they take up and the expense of shipping, are generally less desirable. German tube radios from the 50's and 60's are heavily traded on eBay.
There are specialists who work on them, in paticular, Russ of The Bavarian Radio Works in Whitman, MA.
I have the exact same model, left behind by the previous owner of the house we bought. Everything is MINT and it works flawlessly. Both manuals are here too. I would be interested to know it's value, but I don't believe I would ever sell it.....beautiful warm sound, and they left about 200 albums as well.