Telefunken 6DJ8 for my DAC

I'm thinking about trying the Telefunken 6DJ8 "hawk logo" for my Audio Note 2.1X bal DAC.
Can anyone comment on these? Any other recommendations are appreciated.

Nice tubes, the falcon logo is irrelavent though.

I think you're better off with Siemens 7308 gold pin.
S23chang,how much are the 7308 siemens gold pins?
You can price them out on ebay. Average price is $30 to $50 a piece depends on when you bid and who you buy it from. Store price is $60 and up. Please be careful that you would only buy the West Germany type with Gold pin and not some relabeled Siemens made by Sylvania.
Hi S23chang,
Why do you think I would be better off with the Siemens 7308?
I have no experience with either of these tubes, though I think the Siemens are readily available.

I've tried over 50+ different 6DJ8/7308/6922 tubes
for both phono and line stage in preamps.
If that's not enough for you then I don't know what else to tell you.
Yes, I do own Telefuken 6DJ8s. If you don't mind microphonic then you can try the Telefunken 6DJ8s. It has nice soft mid range in a preamp, but lack of authority in bass and not enough spark in the high frequencies.
I'm going to try the Siemens 7308 you recommended. Meanwhile I got a hold of the telefunken 6DJ8 2 days ago and while my initial impression was that it was really great, I'm starting to feel that the high frequencies might be rolled-off too much for my taste, as you stated. Good thing I can return them.
Can't complain about the bass though. It has mucho authority without any bloat.
Anyone else have any suggestions?

I'm using pair of NOS Siemens E88CCs in my 3.1x Balanced. I bought a pair of them along with a pair of Amperex ECC88s. I lucked out - the Amperex worked better in my preamp, and the Siemens worked better in the DAC.