Telefunken 12ax7 smooth or ribbed plate??????

I have an opportunity to buy Telefunken 12ax7 smooth plate or ribbed plate for my roague M120 magnums. Which is the better tube and why?
Thanks in advance for your help guys
My experience has been that the the ribbed seem brighter, clearer, and, more transparent. However, I have only owned a few of each type.Someone else might say that the smooth are more natural sounding and they might be right. I once tried a smoothe in one channel and a ribbed in the other channel of a phono section and the sound seemed "just right" compared to one or the other. It would seem silly to complain about the sound of the smooth plate, but, in a direct comparison I always prefered ribbed. It all depends on which direction your system needs to go. Resolution seems the same, it is just presented slightly differently.
I like the smooth, but my wife prefers the ribbed.
The lubed tipped are especially good
Roggiedog, thats a good one!
>Go for the smooth long plate Teles.<