Teledyne Acoustic Research Ar9 speakers

Looking for a good comparison between the AR9 speakers and Dunlavy SCIV speakers. Want folks feed back on the two speakers on which would be the better overall performer. I hear that while the Dunlay's are great speakers they lack in the bottom end? I do not want to run separate subs. I hear the AR9 are hard to beat even in comparison to some of today's speakers.
AR9 need power to bring out their potential, 200-300 watts/ch. nice sound but somewhat off in soundstage accuracy.

Dunlavy's are very accurate speakers, bass never seemed to be a problem for me. The Dunlavy's are very room and placement sensitive. I tweaked mine for several weeks to fine the best sweet spot, the AR9 were more strait forward with positioning.

My choice is Dunlavy's by far.
Agreed. I have some strong monoblock amps to power either set of speakers. More curious to get opions as to which speaker folks feel are the better all around performer.
I sold the original AR9 and believe they had a re-introduction. The original was good for the day.............but compared to Dunlavy........really? Dunlavy makes a great product. It's really a no-brainer. The Dunlavy is particular about cabling.....really particular, so you will need to voice them. Good luck.
Celtic66, Thanks for your feed back. Your the first to give insight comparing the two. Most compare them to another brand or set that's not in the equation. can you elaborate on how the Dunlavy's are particular about cabling?
John Dunlavy was pretty adamant that cabling wasn't too important. He did market some cables that he suggested did follow good engineering principles, but didn't think them any better than zip cord :-) .