Tele CCa Vs, Siemens CCa

I have the Siemens early 60's CCa and would like to know the sound characteristics of the Tele CCa in compairison to the Siemens CCa.

Is the Tele E188CC as good as the Tele CCa.

Are the Siemens CCa D getter any better than the O getter?
Not to worry tube heads as I just bought the Tele CCa and will report back on my findings.
Glory you mind sharing where you got them from, I am looking for a pair of Tele 6922's.
Jsman, Upscale Audio sells the Tele 6922's & the CCA's. A bit pricey at $250 or $295 each for CCA's.
As a tube head I simply cannot even stand considering anything German and 6922 and up. The CCa is so expensive for evidently authentic tubes. Am telling th truth usually the price is "call" which means I don't want to show you how greedy I am these cost so much send your attorneya a broker and tube expert . On top of that you silly tube buyer I only take gold bullion if paypal add 5% what these jumbo transfers mean you can afford to give us a piece of the action.
In all seriousness I have seen a brave dealer actually list a pair $1,000. hey it's for a matched pair of NOS I decide this for you because I have the boxes with CCa stamped on the flap yes they are open but I know these test pretty darned strong and the printing is only 40% missing.
I have struggled to find a good tube without sending in limbs.
I admit having spent a pretty big dime for E88CC-01s or more frequently called CV 2493s. This tube was only made by Mullard apparently for the British military and was made in contract runs. The point is that they don't sound at all like Mullards typically do. I have used 3 different versions from various batches and thus dates and they all share a signature sonic. Not very warm at all sound like a Typical good German tube strong clean but have richer not wooly richer tone in addition despite claims that they are dark or rolled off ...if the writer actually listened to them... not just saw Mullard thus warm and rolled off....e they would never say that. Rather the high frequencies are very extended and in excellent unique tonal balance a non Mullard sounding Mullard honest.
The E88CC-01 is not a 7308 but they are considered by many as being of at 7308 level of quality.
Beats me I just prefer the sound .
I dislike all these engineers who insist on this pain in thass tube and forget current production 6922s are not very good, as a group. To make matters worse the 6922 was not widely used as opposed to a 6DJ8 .
These fancy pants tubes are much better which just gets you ticked off. Can't you guys think about the consumers. Do you own a system what's up with you guys???
limited choices for not so likable current production. There is a group that advocate the Russian equivalents. If can find truly good Russian equivalents so easily No Not they are plagued with QC issues and I personally don't consider even close to the better old tubes. They are very clean and keep on track (stay linear) which is great but they have a boring neutral sound I think so and what I think everyone should think as well. No original thinking is permitted. If you are displeased by not having a valid opinion send your stoked up angry letter to the society for Modern Tubed Audio Equimpent business association. Dep of public feed back immediately sent to the round file shoot.
Why can't some smart alec make a great adapter for a really abundant tube that will work electrically but has a different pin out . Stop feeding these megalomaniac tube dealers it just makes them more hungry.
In response to the poster's question, if the rest of the signal chain is very clean, I prefer siemens grey plate cca. If things are not "quite there", however, the telefunken cca's are a little softer, and i often find them preferable. Several times i have noticed that the telefunkens sounded better when equipment was new, but the siemens sounded best when the same equipment was finally broken in. Not too scientific, just my observations.
Listen friend, the Siemens is superior from top to botton all day long!!

And twice on Sunday!!

I have the blue pointed head Tele CCa (without the <> )
I think it is a special order from Siemens.
They are unbelievably better (organic, weight, tonality) than the Semens CCa (definition, clarity, no bass & weight)that comes 2nd (but not close) & miles away of the Tele ECC88 (thick, homogenise bass, no detail & definition).
Now bear in mind that these 3 tubes are by far better than :
ITT (polite & laidback), Siemens ECC88 (complete but low-fi), EAT ECC88 Diamond (-a Tesla in tuxedo- dirty HF, etched).
Unfortunatelly I didn't have the original Tele CCa to comment.
I test them in my active battery pre-pre.


Siemans CCa better mids better stage better bass airer highs much better.
My list of premium ECC88 6DJ8 tubes I had an opportunity to test:

"The best ever ECC88 / E88CC / 6DJ8 / 6922" is CCa Siemens gray shield

Than: Philips Miniwatt E188CC 7308 two stars

Next one is:CCa Siemens silver shield

I didn't listen Telefunken CCa, but I tested E88CC 6922 Siemens and E88CC Telefunken 6922 diamond bottom and Siemens gray shield is much better than both of them.

Enjoy the music!
The Telefunkens CCa is too bright on top for my ears -- too much treble energy -- but this finding is altogether system-dependent.

I have found an inexpensive ECC88 that really sings in my system, i.e., one that was made for Siemens in the Tesla Rosnov factory during the Cold War. Often these were labeled 'Made in West Germany' but the factory code indicates the Rosnov plant in Czechoslovakia. I use these in my Jotas, and find them to be quiet, strong, durable and lovelier than Telefunken CCa in my rig. Also, I compared them to the Siemens E188CCs in my collection, but ended up preferring the Rosnov 'Siemens' in my Art Audio gear.