tel t zero vs sumiko s.0

I am looking to buy one of these two subwoofers with a pair of zu audio cubes, driven by a glow audio amp2 or jolida 101 or 202crc. Due to space limitations I can't get any bigger. Would consider others. Anyone with experience with, either one or both?
I bought a used but minty REL Q108 recently and it's amazing…they come around once in a while on the used market. I already had a Q150e so I suspected it would be good…it's good.
The Q108 is bigger than what I can accomodate, hopefully there 's all subs carry over the quality. 
Anyone else with experience with these subs?
I don't have any specific experience with either sub mentioned but I own a very similar model.  The REL T3 which is an 8" driver with an 8" passive radiator.  While it is fast and tight, it lacks deep bass.  It's rated 6db down at 30hz and you can definitely tell.  I figured since I was using it only for music that I wouldn't miss the lower notes but I do and am now looking for something else.  
My newly acquired REL Q108 MKII (a score from Ebay) is rated at -6db @23 hz…and sounds like it. I have a large deck off my listening room and I put speakers in the windows for deck music…driven by a second amp from my main rig with the little 108 in the window also. When not using the deck, the 108 is used with my main rig as another sub, and THAT'S great…the 108 balances things nicely and somehow kills some standing waves that never bothered me from the "sweet spot" anyway, but adds some further resolution to the whole thing. I'd  love to try that "swarm" 4 sub system someday, as I'm now a multi sub dude.
I would expect theres not many choices in subs this compact. Most of the reviews on these indicate they are good subs for music as opposed to home theater. I cant go over 11 inches in height and 13 inches deep. Width is flexible. Thanks for the feedback.