Tekton Ufberts

Hello I am somewhat surprised that a Speaker from a Tekton doesnot even come with a instruction sheet ,or st least a pdf file online on a $12,000 speaker.
on the back of the speakers , there are 3 sets of terminals , but information what so ever.
if trywire whichi would think why  no straps to the otherconnectors.
a fellow Audiophile recently bought them ,and asked me since he didnot even get a owners manual.
can anyone shed some light on the3 sets of terminals on the back ? Thanks much .
Email or pm Teajay he can give you all the info you need...
Hey audioman58,

The very top two, wider then the bottom two pairs of speaker wire terminals, posts is were you can place different rated resisters to roll off the highest end frequencies to your personal taste.  My pair were shipped with different valve ones.  I have never had the desire/need to insert any at all because in my system the top-end is wonderful with no glare/sizzle at all.   
Thanks Teejay , what size resistors did it come with how many ohm ?
Hey Audioman58,

I was shipped about four different resistors.  I stored them somewhere, but can't find them right now.  That question could be easily answered by Krama or Eric with a phone call this week. My only confusion is, do you have a pair of Ulf's or does your friend own them.  
Ok , Tee the lower 2 sets then are for bywire ,but not true bywire for the ones I heard were just hooked to the bottom ,no jumper to the middle terminals.

@audioman58  hey man how are you liking your ulfberhts?
Not my cup of tea lent of soundstaging but resolution is not in the reference class 
inside the Xover parts are very generic no premium parts whatsoever ever 
potential but very disappointing .
Damn really? Thats unfortunate :(
Every single time I have heard Tekton speakers I have been incredibly underwhelmed and at times turned off.  
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Contuzzi then Tekton are not for you, find one that you will enjoy..Audioman find one that turn you on and overwhelm you, Any speakers that both of you likes?i am interested to know , Audiotroy might be able to help ...
Iam the opposite of Contuzzi and Audioman58 every time I heard my ps 12 and my impact moniitor , my jaw drop and enjoy both of them.i end up listening at least 4 hrs straight..
I don’t even miss my beloved Andra