Tekton speakers with Ribbon / AMT ??

Anyone out there have any Tekton speakers with either ribbon or AMT tweeter?? Uruz owners perhaps?

I have finally decided to order a pair of Encore loudspeakers. Upgrading from the Double Impacts. 

I've been back and forth as to which speaker to order. Encore vs. Moab. vs Ulfberht......Well, I had a chance to talk to Eric at Tekton the other day. I asked about Beryllium tweeter on the Encore and he certainly can make that happen. At that time, he brought up the idea of using a ribbon tweeter.  I have seen zero examples of his larger speakers with that tweeter installed. He seemed very confident in the ability to integrate it into the design. I enjoyed the enthusiasm, so much so that it prompted me to go for it. Experimental blood in my veins I guess. 

That being said, I am curious if there are other individuals out there with Tekton speakers with ribbon tweeters?  and what their take might be. Impressions? Downsides? Yes, I realize the standard design is fantastic. But I'm a tinkerer at heart. Willing to try things unseen, unheard assuming the risk isnt too much. 

Eric said he could use two different brand drivers. Fountek, and Mundorf. Both very linear responses. Both something he felt very east to integrate into the current design. Mundorf being the bees knees, but at an additional cost. 

So, bottom line,  I gave him the green light to go to crazy and use the Mundorf driver and see what kinda unique loudspeaker he could create.  

Also, side note.....I guess a true ribbon tweeter is not exactly AMT?? Casually interchangeable terms? Not exactly sure the specifics as to why thy aren't the same.  

But I'm so damm curious how he can integrate this into his current Encore design that I'm willing to try it out. 

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I'll be interested to read about it too.I think there's an owner's group on FB that may have more information too.
I don’t plan on selling my double impacts until the new encores are settled. I absolutely plan on doing side by side comparisons when the time comes. Will gladly post my impressions. 

my gear is in flux right now. But when the new speaker show up; I’ll list everything I’ve tried. 
Currently I’m rocking a Directstream DAC via is2 connection to a PrimaLuna dialogue HP with EL34s. However currently auditioning the PS audio M700 Amps as we speak. They are settling in nicely and I’m enjoying them a lot. 
Newly acquired high fidelity CT2 interconnnect and cerious technologies graphene extreme speaker cables with some transparent audio speaker cables inbound

Lot of moving pieces presently. But I’m quite excited to be the guinea pig for the Mudorf ( I assume it’s a proper AMT) tweeter in the Encore design.  

Did he say what the motivation for proposing  ribbon tweeters was?
I’ve used AMTs (Air Motion Transformer), Planars, and Ribbons. They are the fastest, they are the best.. very simple.. I’m more of a planar/ribbon guy because a GOOD AMT can make or break the bank. Either and or. One of my favorite combos is a soft dome for HF and planar/ribbon for UHF.

What I have been doing for the last 20-25 years planars/ribbons down to 300 hz from there down, round drivers.. I real sonic masterpiece is the Strathearn ribbon... Just wonderful..