Tekton Speakers,Who owns them and what did you replace and why.

Now obviously this thread has been started for the owners of any current model of Tekton speakers and if you haven't at least heard them keep your speculation to yourself.If you have heard or owned any current model and decided they aren't for you I would like to read your opinion as well.

This thread is intended for learning and furthering the enjoyment of music playback in our homes.

I own the Double Impacts myself and I will add bits of my story as this thread progresses,most of which has been posted in other threads,I want to hear from others.

Let her ripp,

skiroe,  The poly drivers you speak of were all the rage for a short period of time.  I remember auditioning speakers with such drivers and they seemed to have a "plasticy" sound to them.  Paul Mc was making the point that in his experience, regardless of driver material, as long as the speaker designer understood the limitations of the drivers and utilized them within their optimum frequency level that all would be good.

This seemed to me to be appropo to the Tektons as they appear to use very conventional paper cones for the midrange and bass.  Paul's opinion would seem to support  the claim of Tekton devotees as to the superb sound quality of their speakers.

I have personally gone the other way, buying into the efficacy of very sophisticated tight tolerance drivers uniting with  an excellently  executed crossover to deliver outstanding sound.

Which approach is "right"?  Maybe neither or both.  I would love to have the opportunity to hear the Double Impacts of similar Tekton model to hear where they truly fall, at least to my ears, in the pantheon of audiophile speakers.
When it comes to Poly drivers,I haven't heard any speakers that use them since I owned a pair of Kappa 9's many yrs ago.Several speakers of that time period used Poly woofers and maybe other drivers like mids.I can recall a weird sound from them that just wasn't natural and I changed both of the 10 inch woofers to paper cone woofers,It's been so long ago that I don't remember what I used.

There is some great technology in very thin but rigid thinned epoxy nano spheres that are a hand me down from the aerospace industry and make great paper cone coatings,quite similar to what Zu audio speakers use.

I heard that Eric will be at RMAF this year, does anyone know what models of the Tekton speakers he will have on hand. Also what size rooms are you using with the DI's. I am considering attending RMAF just so I can listen to these speakers. I live in Kansas so I know there is no other opportunity for me to listen other than make a trip to Denver.
My listening room is 20x25x9 and has a open kitchen on one side and the other side is open to the front door entryway and front bedroom.

I have no Idea what models would be at RMAF but I'm sure they would want to showcase their top models.You might call them and see,I'm sure other folks would like to know as well.

I had Tekton 6.5t monitors (like totems) on rigid yet minimal sound organization Linn stands in front of audio refinement separates and a modified rega RP6. I liked them better than Fritz carbon monitors and Ascend Sierra Towers. They imaged well with a nice bass kick 11" from the wall. My ProAc Studio 148s finally replaced the 6.5t monitors, which are up for sale.