Tekton Speakers

Let  me challenge Erik, I own the monitor impact , and I really like them. They are very musical, and very dynamic, with sub they are even more open, Erik if I have 4K to spend , I would like to have  a much better driver than what I have now,and silver wiring,   Iam not talking about the electron, Since I know you like to create and design speakers, I am wondering what a 4K budget Erik can come up to. Erik Iam really happy with what I have, and enjoying them, this is for future upgrade , Agoners what you guys think? 
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I was thinking of the monitors with the 2 woofers from the full size, powered or not, in a separate cabinet . Can place monitors on top or move for best room response. Also easier for us older folks to handle and shipping would be easier.
Drumman2 look at Sbayne system, it looks like the one you describe.
He use two rhytmik sub, the monitors are on top of each subwoofer.looks really nice.