Tekton speakers

Would like to know if you owners of these speakers especially the Lore series are still enjoying them. I asked the same on another site also. just trying to decide on a pair of Lore-S... thanks for any info!
I have a pair of Lore S's in cherry veneer. No grills, but wife actually loves the look of them. Quality finish. The sound is terrific, and for the price, it's a little hard to reconcile in my audiophile mind. I've spent more on a pair of speaker cables. Anyway, stop thinking and place the order already. Oh, and as I commented in another thread - best to call Eric rather than email.
Still love the Lore as well as the M-Lore, they could be easily priced much, much higher. Eric has done a superb job of giving the audiophile community wonderful speakers that work great with most SET, or other low-watt amps.