Tekton Perfect SET

Hi - I saw in your reply that you had both the Tekton Perfect SET 12 and Perfect SET 15. I am having trouble deciding on which to get.

I intend to drive the speakers with a SET amp - Dennis Had, it puts out at most (depending on the tubes you use) 12W.

When I contacted Tekton they recommended the 12" driver but I see that you went for the 15. Anything you can say that will help me decide? Are the 15" speakers bass heavy? I'm also running a Decware 2.5W SET amp using Omega Compact AlNiCo Monitors and there isn't much bass although they sound magnificent. Thoughts???
What is your room size?
It's a tough room (my Living Room (LV), vaulted ceilings probably 12' high. The LV area is open to the dining room. The LV is about 17x13, the floor standing speakers are about 10-11' from where I listen from.

Right now I have a Rotel Integrated 75W/Ch (5.1) but I bypass the two front channels to an external Rotel 200W/channel power amp and also have a REL R505 Subwoofer so there is plenty of bass.

I am exploring the world of SET amps. Started with a Decware SE84UFO 2.5W SET amp with Omega CAM speakers. Really sounds great but a little short on bass.

Maybe the thing to do is go with the 12" Perfect Set as Erick recommended and if I need more low end use a Subwoofer. Already have a Dennis Had Inspire SET amp that I want to use in the LV.

Thanks for any thoughts/guidance & help.


I’d heed the advice from Eric. He must believe that a 12" woofer is totally sufficient for the cubic space you have with proper speaker placement. I believe this speaker with the Dennis  Had  amplifier has much potential for success.


Thanks for your help, much appreciated!


The CAM really don’t have enough bass, but the ps 12 do...My guess with 12 w might not give you the bass you are looking for....you don’t need sub for the 12, but with your room you might need more watt to get more bass, try your Rotel see what is the difference bass wise, the ps 12 loves tubes...they did well with my 22 w viva 300b ,and my 45 w tube art audio amp....

I agree with the suggestion to try both amplifiers with the Perfect SET speakers and compare results.  My gut feeling is that overall the tubed Dennis Had amplifier will be sonically superior and more engaging/involving with this speaker.


Thanks Charles, I like the Rotel setup with my B&W 703 floor standers as they play music well and home theater great, just have to convince the wife about having two towers next to each other :)

Appreciate all the help and guidance!

Enjoy the music!


Dennis Had amp will sound more musical no doubt , and sonically better, who knows maybe the bass is good enough on your taste and room..with Dennis amp, .trust me the ps are worth getting them good tube amp if you decide to go farther...
The ps12 are easy to match ss or tube..
Sweiss email Teajay Iam very sure He can help you with ps 12..
Thanks - I'd love to ask Teajay - any tips on how to contact him? I searched and couldn't find any.


go under Explore select member lookup when it comes up type in teajay (all lower case) it will bring up teajay click on teajay and when his page comes up use send message link
The PS12 and you're Decware will provide you with ample bass. The bias switch and the ohm switch will give you options with the presentation.
I have these in a 950 sq ft room and there's plenty of bass.  
Thanks REALLY appreciate the advice from everyone!

I decided on the PS12 will order tomorrow. I hear there is quite a wait to get them but will report back as soon as I do.

It is very helpful to be part of this group, everyone has been terrific. I appreciate the support very much.

All the best.