Tekton Pendragons

Anyone actually have heard these speakers perform? Ive read several articles that have said they are as good as many 30k speakers. Just wondering. They can be returned but there's a 20% restocking fee which would be $540 not counting the shipping I'd have to pay as they weigh around 80 lbs each.
Thanks in advance to any replies.
Regards, Mark
I have the Tekton Enzo XL's which sounded much better than the $5k-$7k speakers I auditioned. Not even close. The Enzo XL uses Pendragon components. Best buy I have ever made in audio.

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what $5-7k speakers did you audition?
I've only heard the Pendragons once, at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest last fall. The entire time, the owner was complaining about how the phono cartridge wasn't broken in yet, blah, blah. I wasn't very impressed with them. I've listened to almost every highly reviewed speaker out there under $3,500, and I ended up buying the Spatial M3s -- to replace my Klipshorns no less. They are an amazing speaker -- even a good deal better than my beloved K-Horns of 17 years. To my ear, the Spatials (and several other brands) were better than the Tektons. 

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