Tekton Pendragons or Lore Loudspeakers

In July I asked if anyone owned or had auditioned the Pendragons or Lore Loudspeakers. They intrigue me because you sometimes find a diamond in the rough..The reviews claim the Pendragons can compete with speakers 10 times their cost. I have talked to the owner/engineer & builder of these  speakers, Eric Alexander. Of course he claimed they were what the reviews said they were and assured me that by giving a 30 day return policy that should speak for themselves but..there's a 20% restocking fee, the cost of shipping these heavy speakers and if damaged a deduction in your refund. I would love to hear a pair before I bought them but i've yet to find a hi fi audio dealer that carries them. Has anyone heard these speakers perform or what are your opinions of the reputation of Tekton speakers? I know Eric was a design engineer with Kimber Cables before he started building these speakers. Thanks for your opinions. I read more than post on this site. It is full of very intelligent and knowledgeable audiophiles & I appreciate you sharing your knowledge on everything audio.
I have not heard the Pendragons.  I have sat in front of the regular Lore... Once with a Mystere Integrated and once with a First watt driven by a Wadia Dac pre.... My buddy eventually sold them off, he replaced them with a small pair of Sonus Faber... For me it wasn't close,  the Lore had frequency peaks and the SF were more musical.... Of course, it could just be my taste. Again,  I've never heard Pendragon.