Tekton pedragon finish

Hey all you Pendragon fans. I've been speaking with Eric at Tekton and put in my order for some Pens! I appreciate all of the insight on this forum and some reviews that helped confirm my decision. All I have to do is decide on a custom paint or go with a standard.
So, has anyone seen first hand what the painted finish looks and "feels" like? The satin finish is a good idea but can the wood grain be seen or felt or is it more like a piano finish? I have no doubt about the quality....just wondering about the final look.
Thanks all
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The stock finish is not a piano finish. It's a satin black that though well done, it's not a piece of furniture.
If looks are important to you, get the upgraded finish.
I have the Katz Meow and Lore with the standard finish, my understanding is that the Pendragons have the same standard finish. As Zman has mentioned, it's well done and durable, but not really fancy nor something to be admired. You cannot see the wood grain.
I have read on forums that the upgraded finishes are very nice and worth the extra cost.
Is that cat's first and last name?
I have the Lore in high gloss black and it's really well done but easily gets hairline swirls in the finish when looking at it under light. If I had to do it all over again, I would most definitely go for the wood finish (that Bubinga looks gorgeous!) but I got a deal on these since they were B-Stock so I wasn't going to be picky.
I have a set of Eric's OB 4.5s I had him do in Bubinga wood for something different from all the cherry wood speakers we have. He just does a very nice job with the wood, showing every bit of grain and character. We put this pair in our master BR for a change of pace in sound and look. I might have to think about a pair of his Pendragons to replace our Maggies after all this time.
Thanks everyone. I'll ask Eric about wooden finish options and report back in case anyone else is curious. By the way, does anyone know about acoustic products for living rooms. I think I will need some but they have to be acceptable for appearance purposes.
I asked Eric about putting a wood veneer finish on the Pendragons a few months ago and at that time he said his veneer press would not handle a speaker the size of the Pendragon so it was not an option.

"I have the Lore in high gloss black and it's really well done but easily gets hairline swirls in the finish when looking at it under light"

Wow! You mean all you have to do is look at it and this happens?

You can always count on the Grammar Police to provide a worthwhile addition to the thread.
I am curious to read what you end up with. I personally have not been a big fan of the color of the drivers. I am curious how they would fit in with a Bubinga finish. Is there a photo of the Pendragons in Bubinga somewhere?

I will say, though, that the photo over on Home Theater Review of the Pens in BMW's Cyber Grey Metallic looks the most complimentary of all the photos I have seend.
Thinking about this, I realized the darker the color the blacker it will become once the room light goes down, therefore go with Eric's grey or black and save the cash. But, the speakers are large enough to make a statement in the living room so go with something unique!
I looked up the Bentley home page to get their car's exterior colors....it's a good site. Then to Home Depot to get paint samples. That picture of the BMW grey was nice....I just need something to match the colors at home.
Mine were satin black and that paired with the driver color quite well.
I have the 6.5 mini-monitors in a custom finish (Cobalt Blue). It's very much a 'piano' finish, no trace of wood-grain. These were demo's, probably not what I would have spec'd, but a very good quality finish
Hey Morganic, I've been worried that the Pen's might be too big to fit in the living room. My room is 20x20.........real concern or should I just man up. How do you're sound and how big is the room?
Brianpack, I have some Pendragons in a 33' x 15' x 8' loft area and they sound very good. I do not see a problem with your space -- that's a decent size room. I have found that they do like a little space behind them if your setup allows.
Holley, I've read your earlier posts and appreciate the insight. I spoke with Eric last weel and put in an order for some Pens, but also for a center channel. Now, not the one seen on the tekton site. That speaker looks awesome and since compatable with the Pendragons quite desirable. But it is huge! Have you heard it or know of anyone who has? Eric offered a smaller version which I trust will be good. Just curious.
Brianpack, just curious but when you spoke to Eric, did he mention anything about the new Pendragon center, rear and dual 12″ subwoofer?
I'm sure he would have but because we had already talked of my needs we didn't go there. You see, that center channel will simply be toooo big to fit in my living room and definantly not the consol below the plasma. So he recommended going with the m-lore center, only 9.5" high and 20 something inches wide. Then add a pair of the m-Lore's as sides and I'm done. With the reviews of the m-lore's matched with the new bigger and better Pen's, I'm taking his word these will sound fabulous.
Now some will ask "what about the subs?" Again, with the reviews of the Pen's bass efficiency and performance, I'll go without a sub for now, treat the room with some bass traps and enjoy the "Pen-lore" system!