Just received my Lore Reference speakers, less than a dozen hours on them but already they sound fantastic.  I've only been able to listen at very low to moderate levels so far but they are providing me with the type of sound i was looking for.  There's definitely a clear, lively sound that seems effortless.  I'm hoping that after a proper break in that the bass will fill in a little more, i'm sure it will as it's still very early.  I'm powering the Lores with an older Peachtree Audio Nova integrated and using mostly TIDAL streaming or my own ALAC files through either Chromecast Audio, Sonos, or my new Sonore MicroRendu.  I'm also waiting for the matching center channel to arrive to use for 5.1 movie/tv viewing.
Any Tekton owners want to chime in with their opinions, setups etc?  Any other Lore Reference owners here?
I have the regular Lores (with the gold Audax tweeter).  The bass will come, but only after giving them some pretty serious volume for a couple days.  Mine were rather anemic sounding, even after about 20 hours of play time until I juiced up the volume for about 50 hours.  That's when they started to come together.  If domestic tranquility is an issue, put them face to face about an inch away from each other, wire one speaker out of phase relative to the other, and then crank it.

I've had a lot of fun with mine.  Sound way better than the price would imply, and I can play them to hilariously loud volume levels with 20 watts of SET tube power. Only negative I've found so far is that they need to be played at fairly decent volume levels to come alive.  They are not the best speakers for low-volume listening.  But for me, low volume is like driving a car slowly....doesn't happen. :)
I have a pair of the Lore Reference. As bcowen said about the regular Lore, they also require some break-in time. I also thought they sounded pretty thin out of the box but, once I had a little time on them, I gradually started pushing them a little more. They sounded pretty rough for awhile, but they smoothed out real nice and play pretty darn loud. 

They didn't stay in my main system because I didn't think they were quite big enough for the room (16 x 24). They do sound darned good for the price.