Tekton Mini Lore Bookshelf Monitors

Thinking long and hard about buying a pair of the Tekton Mini Lore Bookshelf Speakers to mate with a 35-40 watt EL34 amp in a 12' x 16' room. I would appreciate any insight/opinions on this speaker. Thanks.
Why no answers for these speakers? Never heard them but interested in peoples opinions..
There is a pair of great sounding zu druids MKiv for sale on audio asylum now with current asking price of $900. I would offer delivery and pay pal included at that price and go with those maybe. I love mine. Their current replacements are in the $4,000 plus range. They sound great and I have plenty of power with my 18 watt Almarro 318b tube amp. You have twice as much power as needed to make them sound good at loud levels.
Never heard them,would like to hear opinions on them as well.
These are pretty much a new model at Tekton so its unlikely they have had much exposure yet.