Tekton M-Lore vs B&W 685

I have the B&W 685's right now and was thinking of switching over to the Tekton M-Lore speakers.

Has anyone heard both that can compare? Will be using them with a TAD-60 tube amp in a room about 11x12
I believe the Tektons are significantly more efficient, thus providing you with more volume per watt. I imagine they would be a very good match with your amp. You may want to talk with Eric at Tekton and get his opinion, he is a very good guy...

You are comparing two very different beasts there. The m-lore being a smallish floor stander will give you a lot more bottom end impact. The Tekton's have a different sound altogether. More room filling and dynamic.
They should match well with amp.
Fwiw I'm happy with my lore's.
Good luck.
ive had both, but not at the same time. These are going to sound very different from each other. Im a huge fan of full range speakers, Zu and Tekton, so it was easy for me to sell my 685's and move on. IMO there is no contest between the lores and 685's for my tastes, they image and punch much better. The good news is its pretty easy to sell a par of 685's and the Tektons come with a pretty good return policy if you dont like them, you wouldnt be out much.