Tekton Lore vs. M-Lore

I'm interested in buying Tekton speakers and I'd like to know if anyone has listened to both the Lore and the M-Lore. If so, what are the differences between the two? Does the M-Lore sacrifice any of the clarity, depth, or musicality of the Lore? I plan on supplementing the speakers with a subwoofer so I'm wondering if it's still worth it to spend an additional $350 on the Lore ($350 is roughly 30% more when taking into account the cost of veneers, grills, and shipping). I know Lore have an upgraded tweeter but does it really warrant the additional cost? It appears that some people even prefer the tweeter in the M-Lore to the gold tweeter in the Lore.

I will temporarily be using the speakers in an 11 x 15 room but I plan on moving in the near future so room size shouldn't factor into the decision too much. Thanks in advance for your help.
Just an FYI

Here is a review from Stereomojo about the Tekton M-Lore.


The Tekton M-Lore got the Maximum Mojo Award to boot.

I enjoy reading the reviews on Stereomojo. They don't mess around.
I've read two professional reviews online (both gave outstanding reviews) but they don't answer my questions regarding comparisons to the Lore. I was hoping someone on this forum has listened to both and could perhaps offer their opinion.
Have you spoken with Eric at Tekton? My experience is that he'll give you an honest assessment of the differences between the two speakers based on your equipment and listening and won't just try to sell the more expensive speaker.
Eric recommended the M-Lore for my application but I was still interested in seeing if anyone else had done a comparison. If the general sentiment is "there will be no difference when you run them with a sub", then I would go with the M-Lore. If users say "the tweeter in the Lore offers much clearer highs and the driver is a clear step up from the M-Lore driver" then I would consider going with the Lore.
Hi all ! If Eric steered you to the M-Lore that says alot . However , if you are moving to a larger place go with the Lore...smaller or equal ,go with the M-Lore . I use the Lores in approx 13 x 17 space ,I have a sub .... I just dont use it . Hope this helps . I would usually ask about power but with either one it wont matter unless you have less than 10 wpc . Btw ...matching the speakers to the room is more important than anything .
Thanks Brad, it looks like I'll go for the M-Lore and add a sub.
Hi all ! Try them w/o sub and let us know how you like them . That way we can all learn !
Read the Zu Omen or Tekton Lore thread in the Speakers forum. Lots of comments about both there.
Gr33nsound, I too am trying to decide between the Lore and M-Lore. Did you get one? If so, which, and are you pleased with your choice?
hey its 5 years since this thread stopped---whats everyone's assessment of the Lore now?  I'm considering buying the Lore 2.0 myself.  
@3402    I've owned the Lores for about 4 years now.  I'm driving them with an oppo 103 into a parasound 2100 into a crown xls 2000....by all standards not a very high end front end.  The sound the system produces can be described as tonal accuracy pretty good, huge soundstage, very dynamic and overall pretty musical....but definitely more open (less veiled) with the grills off.

They are somewhat placement sensitive and therefore room sensitive and without the correct placement they can sound bright, honky...or in some cases a little hollow.  In my room, they "like to be" 36" out from the rear wall...in an equilateral triange...directly facing the listening position or ever so slightly towed out.  They are not tilted up or down and they are placed on small throw rugs on ceramic tile on concrete floors.

Do I think that my Lores would sound even better if driven with better equipment...I suspect the answer is yes and that will probably be the next thing I try before trying a different loudspeaker.

My suggestion for your consideration ....before buying new electronics...is to mark where you have them and then start moving them and inch at a time starting with distance apart...then out from the walls....then towed in or out...then tilted ever so slightly up or down.

Also, the one risk you face with the decware equipment is if at some point in the future you move on to a less efficient loudspeaker, the decware amplification, as good as it may sound with the Lores, may not have enough power and may also have to be replaced