Tekton Lore speaker cable question

So I decided to try a pair of Tekton Lore Reference speakers. I realize it may be awhile before I get them so I'm looking around to see if I need to invest in new cables. I've been updating my system over the past year or so. I currently have a Luxman 505uxii int amp, VPI TT, Marantz 8006 CDP/streamer. In my previous system, I had Transparent MusicWave speaker cable which I intend to use with the Lore Reference. Should the Transparent cables be ok? Should I try something else? Thanks in advance.
They will be fine. The last thing you want to do is try cables and buy based on how they sound with speakers you know are about to be replaced with better speakers. Unless you get lucky and find Lore Reference in stock they are probably at least a month out. My Moabs ordered 5/22 are only now just shipping today. By the time they actually get here, two full months. Not saying yours can't be faster, just be aware.

What I would do instead is research the heck out of speaker cables in your price range. Whatever that is. Don't concern yourself with your associated equipment at all. Pay full attention to listening impressions. My standing recommendation is whatever Synergistic Reference cable, new or used, falls into your budget range. But that's based on nearly 30 years experience with Synergistic and others, and knowing what I like. How I got to this point is by doing what I just described. Good luck!
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