Tekton Lore S or Salk Song Towers

I have no chance of hearing any of these speakers. Thinking about getting one or the other. The SongTowers i may get the ribbon tweeter. Now have a pair of Merlin TSMXe speakers. Will i be making a lateral move buy buying the Tekton or Salk. Thanks for any info. Listen to all kinds of music.
No, obvioudly the Salk "song tower" imply by name that they are floorstanding. I read an enthusiastic user review for the Salk but have not heard them.
I heard the Songtower at Akfest, and I was not impressed at all. It could have been the room etc., but they actually sounded bad to me.
What are you trying to get from new speakers?
Based on the Salks I have heard (ST, Ht2-TL, SS 10), the Salk house sound runs to the cool, analytical, and detailed, rather than the warm and bloomy. If that is your bag, you could really like them; if it is not you might think them a bit dry, and respond more as Toddnkaya did. Salk is reputed to have excellent customer service, and the box work is lovely.

I don't know the Lore, but single driver speakers are a particular flavor, and I'd expect it to be a bigger change from what you have then the Salk, though moving from dome to ribbon could make a large difference.

This is just a guess, but I suspect either of these moves would be lateral, though either of the options might better suit your taste than what you have -- depending on what that taste is!

Thanks Jdoris,
I do like warm sounding speakers, so it may be i take a look at something other than Salk. And this coming from a Merlin Owner, which are not warm speakers at all, but i have the highs tamed dowm, so no problem.I just want to use the Merlin with tubes and some other speaker that mates well with SS, that is what i am looking for.
Just wouls like a diferent set of speakers, i will keep the Merlins, and use with my tube amp, looking for a warm speaker with SS mono blocks. Thanks for any info. I just hearso many good thing about Tekton speakers.
Hi all ! I went from Maggies and thiel's to the standard Lore . They are very dynamic ,effortless and musical . I bought them based on threads in this and other forums . Have had them for about 8 mos and my speaker and system search is over .
If warm is your thing, Salks may not be your bag.

Selah and Fritzspeakers both make excellent speakers at the Songtower pricepoint. Fritz runs his Carbon 7s with Modwright SS at shows, and I think they trend to warm.

I own Salk HT3s and Soundscape 10s

Those are very natural
Clear and musical
A tonal warmth that gives body to strings, breath, etc

There are detailed not hi fi ish

Call Jim or check out the Salk Audiocircle
They have a list of people who open their homes for demos