Tekton Lore-S

Does anyone have these whose main listening habits tend towards Indie Rock, Pop and electronic? If so How do you like them and how do they compare to your previous speakers.
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They are fantastic. Definitely give them a good break in period. I honestly didnt like them out of the box. After a few months i love them. I enjoy the clarity, the punch with bass and drums, and you can really hear alternative type guitar riffs in a totally new way. Velocity girl, cure, new order, even d guetta and armin van burren (the former has a pretty bad sound engineer) sound better, with more details in the mids, beyond the usual low thump and highs. I have used vintage jbl century l 100s, good paradigm bookshelves, kef, and have lots of hours listening to big expensive b&w on a friends system. Tektons are more versatile, have better mids, seem to reveal more detail and have a nice bass and low mid that the others didn't have. Plus, more options on amps with the high efficiency. Also, if you listen at all to vocals, classic, chamber or jazz, they re much better than other speakers I have heard in the price range. I can't think of a negative with them, other than the size - pretty big, and I wish they had a grille on the large transducers.
Thanks for the reply. I saw in another post that you were thinking of getting a RWA Signature 15 amp. Did you ever get it? How do you like it with the Lore-S? I actually have this amp as I was planning to buy some high-efficiency speakers. Now I need to either buy some new speakers or sell the amp as its not the perfect match with my totem speakers. However, I am sometimes amazed at what it can do with 15 watts - especially with how it renders Bass.
I just bought the signature 15 but we had a problem with the charger so a new charger is in the mail now. I had a great six hours with the battery and really liked it, it certainly had plenty of power for the tektons, lots of bass, nice mid detail, and could go much louder than I could want, and I have a very large high ceiling room. So, in terms of power, it's fine. I'll post more on the sound when I am able to give it a real listen, and probably the amp needs some break in as well. One thing I did notice is the system brings out a lot of detail and the difference between sources and recordings was pretty significant. Somehow, i think that's normal for a good system, this is my first approach to a high end system.
Hey there!

I am currently leaning heavily toward purchasing the Tekton Lore-S (and pairing it up with a Leben CS-300xs integrated). I listen to virtually everything, but my rotation is fairly independent rock band heavy. My ultimate goal is a musically involving "live" sounding system. If I actually take the plunge I'll let you know my thoughts. Right now I'm in the money saving, old gear selling stage. hehe

It's exciting to see all the chatter about these floorstanders here :)
Sig 15 and Lore-S is a great combo which I used until I had to move some things around. For the $$ you simply can't go wrong, Vinnie at Red Wine is a great guy to deal with also.

I'm thinking of pairing these with my Line Magnetic Audio 216IA. Any owners here using these with a low powered tube amp?
I ordered a pair of Tekton Lore S speakers in mahogany finish. I waited about 3 months, and received them 3 weeks ago. I sold a pair of Goldenear Triton 2 speakers, and was without music for almost the entire time I waited. I don't know why I sold the Goldenears because they are fantastic speakers. I read about the Tektons, and got caught up in the hype. I'm always searching for something different, and a little better. Maybe if I took the wax out of my ears, I would hear something I did't hear before too. Anyway, I set up the Tektons. I am using a Core Audio Kratos all digital amp, the same amp I used for the Triton 2. I play all of my music trough a modified Mac Mini. I was very disappointed with the sound. The Trition 2 was better in every way. Don't get me wrong, the Lore S sounded ok, but the Triton 2, blew them away. I was having some buyers remorse, and played the the Lore S sparingly. Realizing that they were not broken in, I left the Lore S playing 24-7 for about a week. What a difference that made. Unbelievable. Bass, slam, clarity, imaging, and sound stage really opened up. More importantly, they are the livest sounding speakers I ever heard. Better that the Triton 2? Yes. Not in the bass department, but everything else is better. I added a subwoofer, and turned it up just a little to fill in the bottom octaves. OMG. Is there better? Possibly, but i'm guessing that I would have to shell out a ridiculous amount of money to even reach the level of what I am hearing. I've been into this stupid hobby for way too long, however, I never sat down and listened to music the way I am now. Truly amazing.
I am now operating a Red Wine Signature 15 amp and Tekton Lore-s speakers. After I finally figured out there was slight short in the line input of the amp, that was tremendously detrimental to the sonics and sound stage (sneaky little twit - only certain recording were affected - no static just subtle loss of power), I am really blown away by the combination. I have never heard better Coltrane and Davis. Also female vocals and harmony (American Beauty, Workings man dead, CSNY, Dixie Chicks, etc are staggering good - ice music taste- huh. While Led Zeplin, Springsteen are good, badl recorded or re-mastered material can be an issue. Beatles, McCartney are wonderful. The whole set up cost me about $2000. Sound for Sound, best music setup I'vs had. Though my Dunlavy IV and CJ Monos wih Wadia were pretty special. Hope this helps those looking for input;
hello all,
   I am a new owner of a pair of the Lore S speakers.  The only thing that I would like to hear is a little more bass.  Speakers are built like tanks and sound so crisp and clear- just need a bit more bass. Any suggestions? Thanks all.      Sarge
What amp are you using and what kind of room? 
Hi sko, thanks for your reply. Its simply a 2 channel set up using a Denon 3300 avr. (It delivers 105w per channel into 8 ohms). Think I will need a subwoofer?
As for the room, it is 12' w x 22' L x 8' h.  Speakers are on the 12'  wall. Carpeted, book cases along the walls. Seems very nice acoustically.
I think you would definitely benefit from a sub. I did with my setup.  Try to get one with adjustable crossover AND volume control so you can dial it in for your room.  Then experiment with using the sub bypass to your speakers (amp to sub then to speakers) and sub outs from the amp direct to the sub if you have it. one may work better for this setup. I would go with 14 inch or more on the sub - don't skimp on size. Keep us posted. 
Thank you for the recommendation. It looks like an SVS or Hsu may fit the bill.  I will let you know my results.                   Sarge