Tekton Lore ...... compare with Vandy 1C

I'm loving my Vandersteen 1C's, but am thinking of MAYBE trying a new speaker at a similar price point. Please look at my system, and let me know if the Tekton Lore would offer a significant change, and if that change would be an improvement. Yes, I know that I can have a 30 day trial with the Lore, but before doing so, I want to see what you guys and gals think. Most of my listening is 1950's - 1960's small ensemble jazz, jazz and folk/rock vocals, and acoustic music. 65 % vinyl, 35 % CD's. Thanks a lot.
I've owned the Vandy 1C as well as the 2CE. Today I own the Tekon Lore as well as the 4.5s among others. Let me state that I loved my time with the Vandy's. But now, in most situations I would choose the Lore. In my set-up, Cary V12 or Primaluna Dialogue1 and even lower power Cary SET 300B or new Almarro 205, the high efficiency, 8 ohm impedance allow me to play around with much wider latitude. I believe I get the best of the Vandy, but with more dynamics, coherence, better bass, better soundstage and so forth...
Day in day out vandersteens will be more acurate
than any box design will ever be.
FYI the 2CE is over 15 years ago you should hear the latest drivers to expierience what the cutting edge is
Best JohnnyR
The Vandersteen is a pretty decent speaker at its price point but I would agree with mikirob. The Lore is much more efficient and has a high load impedance. This design(simpler crossover) type usally is more open, dynamic,life- like and IMO more natural in sound and realism. With your stated musical taste this would be a excellent match with a high quality low-moderate power tube amp.It`d be ideal to trial the Lore for direct comparisons.It should really mate well to your Rougue amplifier (much easier speaker load to drive, better sense of ease)
Best of Luck,
Thanks Guys.... Any other thoughts out there ?
Call Mark Obrian ask him how he can
Hi Pass your Rogue integrated
Bi amp with a Vandersteen 2WQ
This will dramaticaly lower the whole systems distortion
improve Clarity transparency and dynamic range..
Its the same concept as with the premium Vandersteen Quattro, Five and Seven series.
Best JohnnyR
Hi John,
How much $$$ for what you suggest? The Tekton Lore only cost $1,000.00. One of the best bang for buck speakers out there, like Vandy's are...
By the way, JohnnyR of Audioconnection is one of the best, honest dealers out there in audio land. I would always trust him and listen o his advice. I must admit that he knows a lot more than I do, but I also trust my own ears and straight up no mods against the older 2ce or 1c, I'd still go Tekton Lore.
Hi all ! Have heard the Vandys many times and they are a great speaker . The Lore's , however ,are a completely different animal . More dynamic , coherant and musical to boot . Mikirob .... try your v12 with only two tubes per side , bias them at 35 mv per tube(70mv per side ) the difference is amazing .
The Rogue upgrade is under a duce
a Pre owned 2WQ is anywhere from 800 to a new one at 1550
I have never heard a box speaker the competes with this combination.
Having a pair of vandies not set up is an easy mistake but when all is correct you will know what I mean.
BradlukeO, will try, I'd love to run the V12 on only 4 tubes, 6 per side is my only long-term complaint, it's a great amp to my ears. I bought my unit from John at Audioconnection, and if I were still in NJ my preference would be to buy from him provided he carried what I was looking for. As stated elsewhere, he is my favorite dealer all time.

How do you guys know all that without comparing them next to each other or owning both at one time, and reasonable time apart, listening to the same material etc...? My advice - if you can't audition for yourself don't buy.
So here's a potential issue..... Say I order the Lores for the "free 30 day trial," and I don't like them. So I'm paying $100 shipping to me, $100 shipping back to Tekton, and a 15% re-stocking fee. That's $350 out of pocket expense for an end result of having nothing. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, does it?
Adam18, given your last statement just stick with the Vandy's...if you're loving the 1C, maybe you think about moving up to the 2ce; they are wonderful speakers. And if you are in the NJ area let JohnnyR help you get the most out of them.
Thanks Mikirob..... Good advice. And I agree that John Rutan is a pleasure to deal with. He set me up with my Rogue amplifier a few years ago, and that improved the sound of my Vandersteens to a significant degree.
Ive been wrestling with the same decision. But I am looking to build a HT 5.1 and now Tekton offer a bookshelf that I can use for surround. The vandy bookshelves are expensive, heavy and hard to find in the used market. By the way agree with the comments about John R, great fellow and salesman. He will show you around his store with not pressure.