Tekton Lore - anyone upgrade the capacitors?

Has anyone upgraded the capacitors in these speakers? If so, can you share what you used and the end result in sound.

I opened them up briefly and it looks to use a 4uf for the tweeter. Not sure if it uses anything for the mids, I didn't look that far, but I think Erik mentioned 10uf.
Look in the Zu Omen or Tekton Lore thread


Goraman upgraded his Lore caps, look in the mid-January time for his posts
I can tell you without hesitation the Mundorf Silver oil upgrade is well worth it.i have literally several thousand hours in upgrading Xovers in the past.
These capacitors are huge so breakin time is a minimum of 200 hours
And a full 400 to fully settle in and refine.
These capacitors are. Bit warmer with much better layering of instruments
,imaging, and much bigger fuller soundstage and the air around instruments makes everything sound more real. If true timbre if instruments is important and you can swing the extra $$ then it is a no brainer.
Your overall enjoyment is worth that much alone
Does anyone know the original capacitor values on the Lore? Mine have been upgraded by the previous, but am not sure if the original values were kept. I checked all over the internet and even emailed Eric, but haven't received a response.