Tekton KatzMeowV3 or Zu Superfly/Essence?

I'm very familiar with the Zu sound having owned some in the past. Thinking of going back to a Zu speaker but have noticed a lot of interest as of late in Tekton's designs as well. Has anyone ever had the opportunity to compare the KatzMeow with either the Zu Soul Superfly or Zu Essence as these would be the 3 I'd probably consider. Thanks for any useful inputs.

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Wow, good question. I'd be surprised if you'll find anyone who has heard either Zu and the Katz. I have the 2010 version of the Katz, and I know you used to own Souls or Superflys. You're right down the road from me so you are welcome to come have a listen to my older Katz, might want to contact Eric at Tekton to see how mine compare with the current Katz V3.
btw: I bought those big ass Klipschorns from you a couple of years ago if you remember. I live north of Austin.