I ove this speakers , on my set up they sound really very dynamic and easy to listen. Is there anyway to replace their tweeters to improve them? I do love the design of the impact.Thanks
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I thought carbon fiber speakers are nirvana.... don't want to fork over the cash though.
If you need to mess around with tweeters to get them to sound good to you, then you bought a partially assembled speaker kit, which is fine if that is what you want. I am not sure why Tektons get so much free publicity here. Maybe it's just because of @millercarbon, but obviously they have their market, more among the do it yourself type audiophiles.

@jayctoy - not that I ever bought any stereo equipment there, but Best Buy bought an Audio retail company called Magnolia a number of years ago that has locations inside some of their better demographically located stores. They carry McIntosh, KEF, B&W, Rega, Rotel, Martin Logan, Furman, and perhaps some other audiophile (IMO) brands. They can't really wheel and deal much, unless there is an open box or return of some type, and even then it isn't much of a deal.

They make their money on video and home automation installation and consulting. Audio is an offshoot of that in their strategy I guess. I think in the older days of Magnolia, high end audio was the lead. Surprisingly, some of their salesmen have some knowledge. But you know what they say about a little knowledge.....

Also, they don't set up turntables, but do carry them.
@thecarpathian - LMAO!

I guess some people like having their stereos look like they're in a physics lab or some frankenstein basement OR.

Others care about looks more than the sound. They're the old B&O type customer, but we welcome all to this sickness. I care about the sound 100%, but there has to be base level of acceptable look with the rest of the decor to get approval from the boss. These Tektons definitely would not cut it in that regard.