I ove this speakers , on my set up they sound really very dynamic and easy to listen. Is there anyway to replace their tweeters to improve them? I do love the design of the impact.Thanks
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Well, I have never heard Tektons, nor am I likely to. My Wilson Sophia 2s have fully satisfied me, here in my room, in their stock form, and I haven't looked further in the 12 years since I purchased them.  I think the Tektons are particularly ugly, but many feel the same about Wilsons. Whatever floats your boat is what's "right" for you.
Having said that, however, I have to say that reading MC’s endless Tekton saga brings to mind an old joke:

A man walks into a tailor shop after seeing a 90% off sale sign posted. The tailor measures the man and pulls a suit out of the back for the man to try on. As the man looks into the mirror he remarks “Well, the left sleeve is a bit short, and the right is a bit long”. Says the tailor “Well it is Highly discounted sir, just tilt your shoulders a bit to the right”. The man does so, and sees that the sleeves now align. He turns sideways and looks at his reflection. Hmmm, the back of the jacket is long while the front is too short. On commenting thus, the tailor bends the man forward until the hem was straight. Hmmm, looks good thinks the man. Yet…the left leg was a bit long until the tailor grabs the man’s hips and tilts them to the left to adjust the lengths. The man then turns a 360° in front of the mirror and thinks, wow, that IS a fine suit for the price, so he pays the tailor and, carefully maintaining the correct posture proudly leaves the store in his new suit. Two men on a bus top bench across the street notice the man leaving. One of the men remarks “Wow, that’s a shame, look at how crippled up that poor man is!” to which his companion replies “Yeah, but can you believe how well that new suit fits him?”