Tekton Impact

The Tekton Double Impacts have been receiving rave reviews, including here on AG. Has anyone heard the smaller, lighter, less expensive Impacts? How do they compare with the larger DIs?
You're speaking about the Electrons is suppose. So far I haven't seen any reviews, professional or otherwise but I would love to hear from anybody who may have heard them. 
No, the Electrons are smaller and lighter than the DIs....but actually $50. more expensive than the latter. The Impacts are listed on the Tekton website and are 'baby"(?) DIs. I'd be interested to hear about the Electrons as well.
Not true. Pricing on the website as follows;
DI: $3000 base, $3300 upgraded
Electron: $2750 base, $3050 upgraded

The drop down on the DI defaults to base price and the electron defaults to upgraded price. The Electrons are indeed smaller and lighter.  I too, am curious about the Electrons and would love to hear them. Is there going to be any presence at Axpona next weekend for Tekton?
There is also an Impact. It uses basically half the drivers as the DI but they are the same size drivers. It's in the website as well. 
Read the review they seem to be incredible.    The only thing I may not be able to deal with is the 4 ohm avg.  resistance and how difficult the load gets even for use with fairly powerful tube amps. I doubt, but wonder if they can do something as an upgrade to help with that?
+1 There is indeed the Impact, which - according to the website - is based on the same patent as the higher level models; and that includes the Double Impact. It is $1,800 delivered, with one option. Check it out: http://www.tektondesign.com/tektonimpact.html

There are a couple of personal reviews related to this "vanilla" Impact on the testimonials page. The Electron is the downsized version of the Double Impact, in terms of the tweeter array and overall design. Just my 2 cents.

Happy Listening!
On the audiogon Double Impact thread there’s discussion today about "successfully " driving these speakers with the 1 watt Linear Tube Audio Micro ZOTL. Yes, 1 watt via 6SN7 tubes.
Anybody actually compare the DIs with the Impact....or Electrons?
I purchased the Impacts last November in a search for speakers which would allow my Microzotl2 to fulfill the designed potential unbridled. The first listening session shocked and stunned me due to what I was experiencing. I will keep these speakers for the rest of my life as I am experiencing sound I never realized possible. In my opinion these speakers will embarrass the "best" on the planet at any cost. My dearly loved Magnepan 3.5r's  which were my reference for the past twenty years are now sitting idle collecting dust. All of the other six pairs of speakers owned are also in storage.
I asked Mark at Linear Tube Audio about the 4 ohm rating of the Impacts after ordering thinking I had made a mistake and he told me impedance is not a problem for his amps due to not having transformers. He was correct.

Hi power glide,
Just to be clear, the 1 watt of power is sufficient for all of your listening needs? Are you using the stock or upgraded 6SN7 tubes?
That's a sensational endorsement of the Impacts! How did you decide which Tektons to select? I assume the DIs were too large....but what about the Brilliants and Electrons?

The 1 watt is sufficient for my listening needs. A powered subwoofer crossed over at about 60hz handles most of the low end, however the Impacts have low end ability which has surprised me at times.
I replaced all of the stock tubes with Sylvania bad boys 6SN7's and Sylvania triple mica navy issue 12at7's which in my opinion allow the Microzotl2 even more of everything better.
I am not a headbanger, but have cranked it at times to where the volume level is much more than sufficient for my 16x24 foot room. I do prefer nearfield listening while seated 4 to 5 feet in front of the speakers with them 5 feet separated in width. I have spent hours of bliss here.
during my initial contact with Eric at Tekton Designs I explained my desire for an easy to drive speaker which would not restrict the Microzotl2's capabilities and asked him what speakers were the most detailed. Without hesitation he responded the Impacts. The DI were not available yet, nor were the others you mentioned. The DI's were released within weeks after. I spoke with Eric on what the advantage would be to purchase the DI's over my Impacts and was told I would get a little more of the overall sound but identical condition of sound quality.
Having never heard Tektons I felt sure that the need to return them would come sooner than later, so as a joke I ordered the yellow color. The joke was on me. And yes the color plays light beautifully. I am still having difficulty wrapping my head around how an $1800 speaker can manifest this reality of instruments in the room along with everything else they do. I was not trying to be sensational in any manner when conveying my experience. When you hear these you will then fully understand my very strong statements pertaining to the experience.
That certainly is a tantalizing endorsement. I am waiting to hear more about the Electrons, although given what you have said powerglide, I don't know if that's necessary. In my mind right now, I am wondering about a comparison between the Tektons we are discussing, and the Spatial Hologram M3 speakers. Yes, they're totally different designs, but both are praised highly by reviewers and owners, and both appeal to an audience who will be using lower powered SETs, at least part of the time. And to confuse the issue even more, Spatial has just come out with a version of the M3 that that is specially for low power SETs.
Is there anyone out there who has heard one of these Tekton models and a Spatial model?  
I was visiting Urban HiFi/Linear Tube Audio in Takoma Park and they had a pair of the Spatial M3's in their listening room. I must say they sounded very very good with the LTA gear. If I didn't already have a pair of electrostats that I like very much I could have bought them.
Yes, a comparison of the Impacts with the Spatial M3s would be appreciated. Actually Eric has his own Open Baffle speakers which are down-priced from 3K to $1750....these were given a full 5 star rating by Teajay, just like the DIs.
Eric seemed to feel the DIs weren't much of a step-up from the Impacts, but you're using a sub-woofer for the latter. I don't think anyone has felt the DIs need reinforcement at the bottom end. Apparently the Impacts are lacking some slam....but I guess that's to be expected at that price point.
Yes Lancelock, and with the new M3Triode Master 16 ohm variety, I am just extremely curious. I have no way of hearing them though, although both have money back guarantees, it would be a hassle as well as expensive to return them.
I also have no way to hear the DI's. I would love to hear a pair if anyone is near Maryland or D.C. Mark Schneider has some Tekton speakers In his listening room. I'm trying to get him to get a pair of DI's so I can hear them.
Electrons are brand new. I received I think what is the 4th pair this week- blown away. Got all the upgrades- it is the mini me of the DI vs the impact being that. Everything sounds right with these speakers- hard to explain, but the home theater review review is spot on. 

Love these, no more switching. 
The Impacts are rated to 30hz and to my ears do very well on the bottom end. The reason I have always used a powered subwoofer is to obtain a full range system since I listen to organ music. Also, I feel that supplementing the bottom end with a powered subwoofer allows the amp to work a little easier and more transparent. Picking up from about 7hz in room to 30hz gives me the "slam" I desire, also including loudness control.
I believe the DI's would add to my enjoyment with there additional mid and treble drivers, but may overload my room in the bass region without the ability to adjust for bass volume.

Were you able to determine which model of Tekton speakers Mark had in his showroom? Just curious as after I experienced my Impacts I contacted him to inform of the results using the Microzotl2 in combination. His opinion of the Tekton speakers  in general was the significant cause for initially trying the Impact model. He had not heard any of the new patented models.
Congratulations on your new purchase. I would guess you will be captivated for many hours of future discovery. Certain expletives may escape suddenly during pleasurable surprises of real instrument outbursts. That type of occurrence was common for my first listening session, which began about 6:30 pm and finally forcefully ended at 4:15am the following morning. Or... maybe I'm just a fanatic.
Listen intently!!!
Thanks very much for your reply. 
You are very welcome. The most enjoyable factor of using 1 watt is receiving a notice from the electric company showing my monthly use as the most efficient in my area. All while enjoying the superb level of immersed sound experience! 
One other mentionable note is how quietly the Impacts play while retaining the full fabric of intricate details being easily released. Such is the case all the way down to the off threshold. Quite amazing for late night listening when all of my siblings are at rest.
Powerglide- Everything sounds fantastic through these. I have been through Zu's, B&W's, Klipsch, Energy, and Aperion's, these are the end of the end for me. I cannot imagine loving a speaker more.

Everything just sounds absolutely right. 

I think the biggest difference is a truly revealing speaker that isn't harsh that just happens to also fill a very large room with open ceilings/floor plan with fantastic sound. I don't feel like the sound is coming out of the speakers and even at low volumes, everything is there. Extremely happy.
Powerglide, I'm not sure what model Mark has. They are small/mid towers and I didn't see them on the Tekton website so maybe discontinued?
The most unique quality I have discovered in my Impacts is never becoming familiar with their inherited traits to the point of feeling "same old, same old" speakers, but constantly more delighted by them as each day passes. 
Your post is precise on all points. I totally understand what you mean.
I have a question for you powerglide. I read on another site that the drivers were glued to the cabinet on the Impacts. Is this true?
The woofers are secured by 8 screws, the midrange and tweeters are secured by 4 screws on each driver.
So you have taken the drivers out and seen inside then.
I have no desire to remove them, I enjoy listening to Eric's creations, not modifying them. Eric will accomadate any request his customers desire. I asked him before purchasing about several internal desires but told him after experiencing the Impact's that my choices would probably have ruined his final effort. 
You could call him and enquirer of anything on your mind. He was always the person who answered the phone when I called Tekton.
Since the Electrons seem to be the "official" baby DIs, just what do the former lack in comparison? The Electrons are smaller and lighter, but just a few dollars less. I have a room available that is 11'x10'....obviously too small for the DIs. I'm presently housing a pair of Zu Soul Superflys with a small subwoofer in this room.
Lacking any auditioning of the Electrons I offer no comparison. From the specifications the Impacts have a higher sensitivity rating, so if you are driving them with an SET amp they would offer an advantage.
Having spent many hours of ultimate enjoyment I consider the Impacts to be the bargain of the century in high end loudspeakers.  Only experiencing them would allow you to ascertain a final purchase.
Yes, I do have a Dennis Had Inspire SET amp....the Electron's sensitivity rating is only 2 less than the Impact. The latter at around 1.8K may very well be the "bargain of the century".....so back to what is lacking in comparison to the DIs and Electrons (if anything in a small room)? There's also Eric's O.B. Sigma downpriced from 3K to 1.75K, which also received a rave review from Teajay.
My best guess on what may be "lacking" in context of your room size would be slightly less quantity of what the DI's  and Electrons would produce, which may be optimal to your desires. The Impacts probably would not overload your room with bass as the other two may. However your final listening tastes and demands must determine these factors.
I just noticed on the Tekton website, the Impacts are listed as weighing 89 pounds.....previously it showed 71 pounds; which is it?
I just checked my boxes and 71 pounds are what mine weigh.
I get my Rosso painted Tekton Double Impacts tomorrow.  I will pair them with an Anthem MRX 720 avr, Oppo UDP-205 player and Morrowaudio interconnects and speaker cables.  I will let you know what I think.  I do NOT sugarcoat anything and will be very honest about my review of these speakers.
BTW, my post name is NOT meant to represent Tekton Designs.  It was just a name I picked because non of the other 25 names I picked worked...
BTW, my post name is NOT meant to represent Tekton Designs.  It was just a name I picked because non of the other 25 names I picked worked...
I suggest either putting that quote at the bottom of every one of your posts or changing your moniker, because people will definitely think your are representing Tekton 

I suggest either putting that quote at the bottom of every one of your posts or changing your moniker, because people will definitely think your are representing Tekton.

You really might want to pick another user name probably be a lot easier.

Give your DI's a through test and let us know,I I hope you like them.

Best of luck to you,

@tekton      +1 with suggestion(s) to change moniker to something else.

I specifically checked this thread thinking that there was some sort of new information or update from Eric about his Tekton speakers. 
I will keep it for now.  A little confusion is good for the soul.   I will have my review of the speakers in a few weeks...Cheers
I just unpacked the Tekton Double Impacts a few minutes ago...visually, they are Stunning in their Rosso dark paint.  The finish is Flawless.  Unpacking them was super easy despite their 106lb weight.  I have owned multiple high speakers and the DIs equal or surpass them cosmetically. So far...So good
Just ordered some Tekton Impacts with the upgrades. Have a set of Zu Omen Dirty weekends that have a wonderful bottom end but need to be heavily equalized to have a sufficient treble response. Hoping that I can just play the impacts straight. Powering them with Peachtree Nova150. greatly looking forward to trying them.
Hi tekton, curious as to how your are liking your Double Impacts?
So far, the DIs are superior to all my previous speakers...beyond impressed.  Eric will be in the Seattle area on the 6th and I hope to see him and discuss his speakers
Is there an audio show in Seattle where they will be on demo? 
No.  Eric was visiting his son.  I could not see him because of my work schedule
Lula mentioned Eric Alexander's Sigma OB (open baffle) speaker. I've had a pair for over 9 months and (as it relates to Eric's other fine work) I can tell you I am quite pleased with these! I come from 15yrs of bipolar Apogee Duetta Signatures / Hsu Research subs. These are not only better sounding (coherence!) but a steal at the price! For whatever reason they are not currently listed on the Tekton website but I'm guessing Eric could build you a pair. For all I know he may be in the middle of a new version incorporating his new multi-tweeter alignment...oh, now that I'll have to hear if it proves to be true!