Tekton- HOT- Pendragon-SE First Impressions

I received the New Pendragon-SE yesterday they for sure need running in but initial impressions are excellent, dynamics already a big soundstage
with very good ambiance of information of what is going on in and around the performers. The New tweeters are from Scan speak these Ring radiators are from the discovery series ,and the 8 inch Mid-woofers
are a custom Variation from Seas. The Crossover Eric took several months
to develop Xover parts are Area-51.I know he uses the Excellent Jantzen Copper inductorsthat is all I know.
Resistors MUndorf ?,Eric is experimenting With Other Parts From Duelund-resistors ,
Jupiter-HT seres ,and Mundorf Capitors.Eric will decide if and when he will offer these in the future or not, still much listening to go ,until that time Please do not mention it. My speaker is actually a darker Cranberry .My camera needs replacing.I will do a full review after 2 weeks which will be roughly 300 hrs on the speakers .These will need a solid week -175 hours just to start opening up.Just in 24 hours these have gone from closed in sounding to a little bright ,that is what good capacitors do.Very promising though I have had many loudspeakers some over $10k to compare them to
These also are a good looking speaker even the wife had no complaints which is a great thing.IN two weeks you will have my findings, thank you.
p.s to see some nice photos of the Pendragon-SE please go to photbucketDOTcom and look up finetunes1 thank you.
Very cool... I have the Tekton Lore-S with Seas drivers in my small room system and I think they're fantastic. Keep us posted on your further impressions.
They look great in the picture. Did you put the feet on them or is that std?
I got the outriggers from soundcity speaker outriggers for under$300
They give a nice improvement of the bass and imaging.
Please do a follow up on the Pendragon SE. I have been awaiting a review on the SE version. Thanks.
Custom color is between $350 and $500 depending on the cost of the
Type of paint.
Would you mind listing your equipment and room size? After 6 weeks now, what are your impressions?
In my big room I sold my Pendragon - SE
For my brothers B & W 802 D were to good a deal to pass up
This speaker is several steps better but also 4 x the cost ,but in the $4k
Price range if you like a Big soundstage ,great dynamics, and a live
Presentation these loudspeakers are. Perfect fit. For Rock & Roll,
Heavy metal if you need dynamics and U are there quality
The Pendragon-SE speakers are up there even with big $$ speakers
In the several areas I mentioned which is a very good complement
Especially for this bargain in the $4 k range !
So you paid $1k for the b&w's? Im confused about the "4 times the cost" statement? The b&w's are a few steps up in performance?
Yes, you are very confused.

The B&Ws are four times the cost of the Pendragons. Looked pretty obvious to me.