Tekton haters and bashers you just got a new target!


There’s something a bit Star Wars about the design. I got to hear these in Munich, they sound interesting!


I have owned several monitor speakers I literally broke the basket ,you would think 

a nice cast basket Wrong, a polymor plastic I rebuilt several Xovers much much better sound , the magnets too nothing to write home about made in Wuhan , their platinum series is their only very respectable speakers from my experiences.

No thanks I stick now only U.S,or Europe for Loudspeakers , Quality does count !

electronics especially Digital China -Taiwan,Hongkong make some very good digital products ,Denafrips,and Holosprings come to mind , so yes there are exceptions to the rule.

I owned Dahlquist DQ10’s for 24 years and never found them ugly. The stands, yes, but the speakers themselves with the solid walnut side pieces, no. 

Just curious, how many of you bashers of the Tekton speakers, have actually owned a pair? And, what was your associated equipment, Amp, Source, Room acoustics etc. I have owned a pair of Tekton Double Impacts (upgraded version) for almost 3 years now. System not  ultra expensive, just under 20k. Of which the bank and I enjoy. Listen mainly to R&R 60' 70'80's. I believe with the right electronics,  my speakers sing. Just recently added one of the finest CD transports out there, New Project RS2T. Not the most expensive, but a sound that is to die for. See the long list of people that own them and heard them on the Project RS2T blog on audiogon. I also own a pair of Focal Aria 948's in another system, and like them a lot, but, No desire to replace the Tektons with them. Just my 2cents. Robert TN