Tekton Electron speakers powered by McIntosh

Hello everyone-

Here's my current system:

-Tekton Electron towers
-Mc402 (McIntosh 400 x 2)
-C2200 (McIntosh pre)
-Audioquest speaker cables until my Audience wire are repaired
-Aloia Cd
-Anthem MRX 520
-Piega  SUB 1 MKII
-Mac Mini with a Scott Nixon USB tube dac

To enjoy the Electrons for the first time, I wanted to see how they sounded hooked up to the McIntosh amp and pre, no sub. Wow, these speakers are spectacular! Extremely detailed. Perfect imaging. Big sound stage. Plenty of bass. And for the price, pretty badass. But....

After listening to several of my favorite's ranging from Allison Kraus, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson and so on, I'm scratching my head as I see my beloved Mc402 amp pushin pretty hard for a speaker rated at 95 sensitivity and 4ohms. Pushin hard meaning, the McIntosh isn't going to have enough power even at 400 watts x 2 to run these. This is not the first time, Big Mac has fell short. Same thing happended with my Piega c10 limiteds,  (in storage)
not enough juice. 

I don't get it. How can an amp as monstrous, heavy, powerful, and expensive I might add, not have enough to run these speakers? If not, what speaker is that amp good for would be one question?

This afternoon April 07 2018 I'll connecting the Anthem MRX 520 with the Electrons, Mc402, Oppo 103 and the Piega sub and performing the ARC room correction. This should be a huge improvement and will probably be suffice moving forward for some great 2.1 listening/home theater as I've heard the Anthem and it's ARC is spectacular. 

This thread in a nutshell? The Mc402 and the Electrons I expected to be a match made in stereo heaven. Not yet...

Ideas, questions, comments are very welcome!



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Makes no sense with that effecient speaker. I owned that amp and it has loads of power. Something wrong with it? How big is your room? How loud do you want to play your music? 
Room is not big at all. 12 x 15. Meter’s say both channels pushing equally. I don’t get it either grannyring. Big Mac didn’t have enough for the Piega’s but they were a little bigger yet and less efficient. Regarding loudness, I want to enjoy the full range of any speaker I own whether it's jazz or metal or gospel.
When you get it as loud as you want, where are the meter needles at? doubtful you are hitting -3db which would mean you are only putting out 200wpc.  I have the Mac MC152 amp driving 93db efficient speakers and at -3db I am putting 15 watts through the speakers even though the meters seem to be near the overload mark.  There is only a tiny gap between the -3db point and the 400 watt mark on the meters.  As long as the power guard lights do not light up, you are fine.
I had a MC-402 Mac, and it was never short of power for the Legacy Illusions (92db eff.)  that I had at the  time. When those meters hit the 400 watt peaks, my ears were on the verge of bleeding! Besides the large output of the MC-402, it had deep, powerful bass. The Mids and Highs lacked resolution though. At least to my ears. It should also be noted that I was running a C-45 SS. Mac preamp with it.
Thanks for chiming in everybody. Maybe the speakers need to burn in a little more, not sure. I'll update in a few days. 
@knollbrent Brent, have you driven them with your Anthem? It will be interesting to hear the differences between it and your McIntosh gear.

This afternoon April 07 2018 I’ll connecting the Anthem MRX 520 with the Electrons

The DIs needed some time to break in. The SEs even more.
Yes, the Electrons are breaking in nicely now. Sounding much better and easier to drive. Choice of well produced Cd's helps too. 

I haven't got to run them with the Anthem and the Arc yet because I can't get the damn program to "locate the device." Ohhhh god it's so frustrating because I'm such a movie guy and the Electrons along with my Piega sub are gonna bring the walls down. I've tried everything too with setting up the ARC. I suppose I'll have to wait till Monday to speak with tech support. 
Update as of April 08, 2018

Electrons are hooked to Big Mac running through the Anthem with the ARC having been performed and the system sounds Amazing! Powerful, clear, incredible imaging. Best HT sound I've heard out of 2.1 thanks to the Piega sub. Very, very nice sound. 

Yes david_ten I've wired the Electrons to the McIntosh amp and pre, it sounds amazing as expected. The C2200 pre from McIntosh is a legendary preamp in my opinion BUT without having a "perfect" room, the Anthem with the ARC makes up for these imperfections and allows me to use my Piega sub seamlessly. By having the Mc402 push the electrons, adding in the Anthems Arc, I like this version better. The HT 2.1 is sick...