Tekton Electron SE

I previously had a pair of Tekton Double Impacts which I really liked but moved to a smaller place and they became too big. I am considering purchasing a pair of Electron SE but there is very little info about them out there. Any owners out there that care to share their impressions on the Electrons? Thanks.
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Hi wisty,

I would like to hear from other Electron owners as well. Thank you for posting this.

I have had an of off line communication with one Tekton owner who posts a lot and and this person told me to "...get the biggest Tekton I could afford and not worry about size...."

Based on my experience with not being able to make the very large Thiel CS5's "disappear", and then moving to smaller Tyler Acoustics that have turned out to be much more musical with good soundstage, I am not sure I agree with the comment.

Can you share what size your space was when you had the Double Impacts? My listening space from the front wall to chair is about 12 to 13 feet, with another 15 feet of open space behind me. 

Also, could you share you Double Impact listening experience at low volumes levels? 

I have been considering the Electrons because I could not make the large Thiels sing. The Electron SE's are priced much like the Double Impacts, so I wonder if the smaller speaker might have higher quality parts, which maybe, could offset the smaller size....

Not trying to steal your thread :)! Thanks for listening,


Wisty perfect set 12 are very good, especially on tube. member Aniwolfe has one.
 Aniwolfe has the election se.
My room dimensions are 11x 20 ft. Which speaker is more suitable to this room Electron or Double Impact?
  • Look at the Raven Union CeLest 

Raven Audio CeLest..... I love them...
I just bought a pair of Tekton Encores for my 11x17 room. Breaking them in now. Eric is very certain about speakers not overloading rooms. Although not fully broken in yet, I don't feel the bass is overloading the room. I would go for the DI's. 
Thanks for all your suggestions.
I have Moabs in a 12 by 14.5 room - no problem with bass (overload). In fact, the bass is full and articulate, sometimes leaving me pondering why people include bass arrays. 
thanks for sharing!
what factors made you decide to go ahead with the Moabs instead of DI SE’s?
Tekton’s line up is so overlapped, that it is so confusing  to pick one model,